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Policy Page - Terms And Conditions Of Obhiaba Blog
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Policy Page - Terms And Conditions Of Obhiaba Blog

Welcome to the terms and conditions page of Obhiaba Blog. This page holds information relating to rules and regulations upon which every post, activity, and pages on this blog are governed. Every user and administrator of this blog are advised to kindly obey the terms entailed below as proper obedience to these rules will build up good readership and patriotism.

policy pageObhiaba Blog is a personal blog, created and managed by Prince John Okosun, literately the writer of this page. It being a personal blog, some of the rules entailed below are from his point of view with much consideration placed at the safety of every reader, advertiser, and author of this blog. 

Should in case any of the below conditions violate you or your company, do pass a message through the Contact Page.

Upon subsequent reviews, the policies on this page will be edited. Edition which might lead to either removal or addition of policies. So it is advised to always check out the policy page in case of any changes to the conditions. Like I earlier said, obedience to this page's rules permits the free usage of any content on this blog including articles, Images, Widgets, links and any other content you might find important and would love to make use of.

Terms and Conditions of Obhiaba blog, are subdivided into categories which will be treated based on priority. Should in case you wish to know anything about me, do visit the About Me page.

Content Usage And Sharing Policies

Every content apart from pages is free to use by anyone who wishes to make relevant use of them. But this service possesses some important copyright and trademark rules that limit the usage of our articles either on your blog or magazine. As long as a part or full content was copied from this blog, copyright owes you to some certain rules, failure to abide makes every action of yours illegal and punishable.


1. Any content copied from this blog for the purpose of republication is allowed only if the user attaches a credit link. Linking back to the original source of the content.

2. Images on this blog, can be downloaded for free but in case the user wishes to add the image to a post on his blog, Magazine or publication of any sort, a user must attach credit links - Linking back to the original source of the image.

3. Should in case you wish to publish a full article copied from the blog, you are allowed only if you attach original author credit and a do-follow link - Linking back to the original post.

4. Codes and scripts published here are free to use but users are advised to kindly share the original post to social media networks as a way of appreciation.

5. For every Template downloaded from www.obhiabablog.blogspot.com, due credits should be attached at the footer.

Commenting Policies

Well, detailed article has been published relating to commenting policies. But just as a way of enlisting them into www.obhiabablog.blogspot.com policy page, I will be brief on it below - Read more at Commenting Policies


1. Commenters are not allowed to spam, therefore, comments with clustered and spamming links will be deleted upon review.

2. Insulting and provocative words are not allowed in the comments. Should in case such immoral words are seen on your comment, it will be deleted.

3. Commenters are advised to comment with a real ID - Such as Facebook, Twitter, Website URL, Google Plus, Email etc.

Advertisement Policies

Advertisers, companies, guest posters and any other person that want to have dealings with www.obhiabablog.blogspot.com is advised to visit the pages below

Submit Guest Post
Promote Your Music

To get started. The above pages already have policies enlisted but see below for a brief outline of terms and conditions relating to these pages.


1. Pornographic or other +18 restricted contents are not accepted

2. Only original articles, music tracks are accepted for guest posting and promotion respectively.

3. Illegal companies are not allowed to place banners or links here - To avoid our readers getting defrauded.

Entire Blog Policy

1. Do not use any of the brand icons and materials on any other site. The name, favicon, template of this blog are copyrighted or protected.

2. This blog is proudly hosted by blogger.com and no one should thus pass wrong information about www.obhiabablog.blogspot.com

3. All articles posted here are verified for authenticity before being published. Hence, no user should accuse the blog admin of fake content.

4. Should in case you find anything not right or true, on any post at www.obhiabablog.blogspot.com, do contact the blog admin.

The terms and Conditions of www.obhiabablog.com.ng were published on Wednesday 29th June 2016 and last edited on Wednesday 29th June 2016.

Contact me at okosuneigbohen@gmail.com

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