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I Deleted 315 Blog Posts After 3 years of Blogging And Here is What I learned that made me Start All Over.

My name is Prince John Okosun, admin of Blogging Prince - The same crazy dude that deleted 3years worth of effort.

silly right?

But here is the deal!

In 2015, I started blogging without knowing I was starting a phase in my life that would change everything

At that point, all I knew was, I wanna be a blogger!

but who is a blogger? - A person or StartUp that owns a blog and publish articles frequently


But is that truly a blogger?

Wikipedia, might give you that definition but really is that all you want to spend your life doing?

publishing articles frequently?

Well, If I had an idea of who a blogger truly is, then I would have never published those 315 blog posts in the first place.


I probably didn't tell you that these blog posts were, actually ranked well on Google, Bing etc.

Here is one of my post occupying the number one spot for "social counter widget blogger"

blogging prince rank one on google

and here is another displayed in a featured snippet


so you see, getting ranked wasn't my problem,

neither was it getting traffic.

But then, what was so serious that, made me delete 315 blog posts which generated 399,794 page views.

and here is the best part

3 years of blogging has taught me a lot and am willing to share my life changing experience which made me delete 315 blogs.

This same experience will help grow your online business, niche blog and affiliate funnel

You can download it right away...