13 Free How to Ways to Increase BlogSpot Mobile SEO

Not getting enough traffic from mobile visitors? or not getting traffic at all?. Bloggers need traffic to grow, we need to see people reading our blog posts and leaving impressive comments but all these don’t seem possible with just writing good posts. You also need to optimize our blog for search engines.

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SEO has always been a wide topic and every now and then new posts are published on the best working trick but still many bloggers are not getting positive results why?You are either not doing the right thing or you not doing anything at all.

I know how many clients meet me daily for SEO tips and some are even willing to pay for it – This is how far some persons have gone for SEO, have you gone this far?.

This post will teach you all you need to know about mobile users and the 13 best practices to optimise your blog for mobile search. but how hard can this process be?

Why Increase BlogSpot Mobile SEO?

The world is taking a drift from using big machines into using smaller machines. This is why mobile phones are being purchased more often than PCs  – here comes the importance of mobile search optimisation.

You might think If Google ranks you 1 on a desktop search results, it would still rank you 1 on mobile. TRUE but only to an extent. Google has now started implementing different ranking factors for mobile search and it is important to optimize for mobile

Because many blog visitors are most likely to visit a blog using a mobile phone – if you need them, you need to rank on that first page.

Optimising Your Blogger BlogSpot For Mobile SEO

1. Write SE Optimized Post (Post Length)

Working with great bloggers who have made it have made me realise that post length is an important ranking factor. Before now you might have had the mindset that longer post rank better than short posts.

This is not TRUE.

I have seen situations where short posts ranked better than long posts. Users are more friendly with average posts length since they easy and quick to read.

 A post (except gossip sites) short be of minimum 300 words because with such words a blogger should be able to explain everything about that article.

2. Proper Keywords Usage

Keywords have a role to play in your blog post. You should always use keywords in strategic places to ensure a well SE optimised post.

Clustering your blog post with keywords will not improve your mobile search ranking. Instead, try to implement keywords in the areas listed below

  1. Post title
  2. Post Description
  3. First Paragraph
  4. Last Paragraph
  5. While sharing your post.

3. Go for HTTPS (SSL Certificate)

Secure your blog and visitors from online hackers and Google will reward you with a higher SERP. Google wants a safer web for its users this is why they have added HTTPS as a ranking factor.

Google claims to rank 30% of blogs using HTTPS on the first page. This has made bloggers run for SSL certificates. If you are BlogSpot blog, learn how to enable free HTTPS on your blogger custom domain

4. Image Alt and Title Tags 

Did you ever ask yourself how Google get pictures shown on “image search”? – Proper use of image Alt and Title tags can rank your blog post well on image search.

Which is also a good source of blog traffic. I personally surf for images related to what am looking for. This can help you get better ranking in Google mobile search results.

5. Speed Up Your Site

Loading time of a blog has a contribution to make in terms of SEO. It is of best practices to speed up your blog. You might have a lot of widgets killing your page and also you might be affected by rendering blocking  Javascript and CSS.

There many things that can reduce your site loading speed. Do well to optimise it, minimise the size of images and make sure your site is fast loading.

6. Improve Social Media Presence

Social Media presence is the only factor with a 5-star rating according to Seocentro. Getting an abundance of shares can help boost the Alexa and mobile SEO rank of your blog.

So if you have been ignoring social media, it is high time you add share buttons to your site and start sharing your posts to various networks.

7. Build Quality Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks

Poor Backlinks will show to Google that you are a spam but quality backlinks will show you are a well-recognised blog. What do I mean? If you go on and pay someone for backlinks then you are doing it totally wrong

But if you go out yourself and start placing comments in related topics, writing guest posts and being active in forums, you are going to get quality NoFollow and DoFollow backlinks which are good for your blog.

8. Power Words in Post Titles

You need people to click on your post on a mobile search result. There comes sometimes when persons click on the 4 ranking post and leave the first behind.

You might have practised good SEO techniques but if you lack the proper usage of power words in your post title then you will probably not get that traffic even when you rank well.

So it is advised you use power words so as to convince readers to read your posts immediately they see your post title.

9. Implement AMP

Accelerated mobile pages according to Google is not a ranking criterion but let’s see it in a real sense. Google adds a certain ranking percentage to fast and mobile friendly blogs.

Now, what will implementing AMP do? – It will make your blog very fast and also user-friendly which is needed for good ranking.

Also if you own a news blog, then you might just be lucky to get featured in the AMP carousel which is a potential source of mobile traffic.

10. Make good use of Meta Tags

Meta tags are very important because with meta tags you can social media optimise your blog, you can set preferred domain, you can add keywords to each post and also you can set the description.

All these are good factors to consider when it comes to SEO and ranking on the first page.

Learn more about BlogSpot meta tags

11. Get a custom domain name

A custom domain is optional but still, it is a wise decision to get one. You don’t want to build all that hard work on a subdomain.

Custom domain shows to internet users that you are a professional who is ready to blog. With this in their mind, you get better traffic.

Many internet users also feel that subdomain users are spammers because of the devious act many bloggers do with subdomains. You can get a TLD at cheap price and set it up using DNS on your blogger blog.

12.  Consistent Posting

Don’t keep your audience and Google bots in the air. Always feed them with something new. If you keep doing that, then your post indexing rate will increase because bots will now start visiting your site more often.

13. Learn and Use webmaster tools

All search engines have webmasters tools which should help you understand their system better. Learn every part of webmaster tools and start telling Google, Bing etc what you want and how you want it.

Rounding Up

These are some of the most important factors considered when ranking any post on search results though other factors are included such as domain age etc which you can not really influence.

So I did not add it to the list. Content is king – write good content and start optimising it for desktop and mobile search results. With no doubt, these  13 Free How to Ways to Increase BlogSpot Mobile SEO will boost up your blog.

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