How To Quickly Index Your BlogSpot HTTPS Pages

A few days ago, I published for you a complete guide to enable free HTTPS (SSL) certificate on your blogger with a custom domain name.  There was a little problem which was that there would be a drop in traffic for that period because Google would have to crawl your blog again before your new HTTPS page would start showing.

how to quickly index blogspot https pages

This whole crawling and indexing could take up to 1-2 weeks. Considering, that made some persons not to go for HTTPS but today I have come up with a quick way to index your HTTPS pages and in less than 2 days all your pages would be indexed.

I didn’t know about this before, out of research I figured it out. I did it to my blog this morning and in less than 10hours HTTP pages have already been replaced by HTTPS on search results. Even my homepage URL now shows site links.

What to do.

In case you already know of this, we are going to make use of “Fetch as Google”

Quick Index HTTPS Pages With Fetch As Google 

Step 1

Step 2
I believe you have already created your 4 properties as explained here. Select the property “” and continue.

fetch as google

Step 3
On the dashboard, locate “Crawl” Click on it and locate “Fetch as Google”.

Step 4
You should see your blog URL inline with a box. Locate “Fetch and Render” Click on it and it will fetch your entire blog >> No click “Request Indexing”.

That is all. In a few hours, search for your blog on Google and you should see your blog URL showing HTTPS.

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This is how easy and quick it is to index and rank your HTTPS pages. This trick can work on any URL, you can fetch and render individual URLS and in a few minutes, that URL will be indexed.

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