#10 Meta Description Tips For Better Search/Social CTR & SEO

Learn #10 Tips On How To Better Increase Search/Social Click-Through Rate (CTR) Using SEO friendly Meta Description For Blogs.

#10 Meta Description Tips For Better Search/Social CTR & SEO

Enabling the meta description doesn’t guarantee you success over your competitors but optimising your meta description has the potential power to do so.

I got that line from the first article on my “Blogspot SEO basics for beginners” tutorial series. If you have not read that post, you can do so now by locating it in the topic list below.

BlogSpot SEO Basic Topics Outline

Today, I will be explaining more about the meta description tag, it’s usage and why you still could not convert even after enabling it. You could be using the description on all post pages and still, not do well.


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What is Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

You probably decided to read this post because you saw the Search/Social but not knowing what the click-through means. In a simple definition, let’s start by separating the two words “Click-Through” and “Rate”.

Click-Through means getting persons to visit your blog from either search engines or social networks. Rate estimates the number of times your targetted audience clicked on your links.

Increasing search/social click-through rate (CTR) means improving the traffic driven in from search engines and social media networks this you can archive using the SEO meta description.

What is Meta Description in Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

Meta Description in relation to SEO has already been explained in my previous post. The Meta description for SEO and for CTR talks about the same thing but in two different ways.

Meta Description for CTR is that audience converting property of an article when being indexed on search results or social networks.

The meta descriptions help visitors understand your blog post better. A good description can make a post ranking 5th on search result get more CTR than a post ranking 1st.

Users tend to read the description because important keynotes are highlighted in it.

If your post has been ranking well but not getting a decent amount of traffic you need to work on your meta description and other factors which I will explain in other posts in this series.

How to Increase Search & Social CTR Using SEO Meta Description

The first step was understanding the terms (Search, Social, Click-Through, Rate, SEO & Meta Description) used in the title of this post, next is to take action towards writing an SEO friendly meta description.

Note: Your meta description has to be SEO friendly before it can increase your click-through rate. You need both humans and search engines to read meaning to your post just from its description.

Meta Description for Homepage.

The homepage is the brain box of your blog. It needs to be converting!. Extra effort is required in the meta description for homepage since you will be highlighting points for your entire blog instead of a single post.

In the previous post I showed you how to enable meta description for the homepage, so head back to it and read it before you continue with this.

#10 Meta Description Tips To Better Search/Social CTR & SEO

Tip #1 Describe everything about your blog

Take a notebook, describe everything your blog has to offer in it. This description should be based on posts you have already published and posts you wish to publish in the nearest future.

Don’t limit your word count. Just write about your blog and make sure you touch all that your blog is about even if it gets to a thousand words.

Visit your already published posts take clues, ask friends how they see your blog, etc.

Tip #2 Filter out Common words

While describing your blog, you wrote a lot of “to, is, that, this” etc. You need to filter these words out.

Rewrite your entire blog description without including these common words. Take note of repeated words (e.g blog, blog) and delete them too.

Tip #3 Highlight Your Keywords

How do you know keywords? After writing an essay on the description of your blog, and removing the commonly used words, every other remaining word is most likely to be a keyword.

You don’t need all of them. Next step, is to select out words that are at list 3 words count e.g Blog, Music, Fashion, Cooking, SEO, Running, Football etc.

These are the keywords. From these words, you are going to write a description that actually works. I will explain more on keyword selection when I post about getting the right keywords for your blog, 

P.S This post is also part of this series.

Tip #4 Enlist Important Related Keywords

I know every keyword on your list, describes your blog and says one or two things about your blog. Both they are too many! you need only the most important/related keywords.

How do you know such keywords? these are words that do not only say a specific thing about your blog but can fit into the description of your entire blog.

Knowing these words is very important, you could also use the help of search results to find them. Hopefully, by now you should have at most 20 words.

Type in these words on Google search.

related keywords on google search

Scroll down and check related search, notice the keywords there, now if you find one word that kept on repeating itself. You need that word!.

Tip #5 Exploring Call To Action CTA (Power Words)

Call To Action is a word that makes people click. These words are important to your meta description so you need to explore many of them to know which works best for you.

Power words is a post of its own and will soon be published but let me not leave you in the dark. below are a few power words, hopefully, this should give you a clue of what CTAs are.

Learn more, Download Here, Get it, Start now, Start Free Trial etc.


Tip #6 Writing the Description

It’s time to start writing the description of your blog. What you actually need to do here, is expressing the whole of your keywords in a sentence. like a statement. What do I mean?

You are not just going to list them e.g (SEO, Blogging, BlogSpot, etc) no that is not what you are going to do!.

You are composing a sentence that is not more than 160 words and you are making use of these keywords and power words.

Before I continue with tip #6 let me brief you through why your meta description needs to be a sentence that contains both keywords and power words.

Why you should use keywords & Call to Actions in meta description

1. Keywords get highlighted

When search queries are made for your blog, related keywords get highlighted.

The purpose of this is to drag the attention of your audience when you fail to use keywords, targeted audience will find it hard to understand your post that would cause a drop in your click-through rate.

2. Keywords explain your blog

When keywords are used, your targetted audience find it easier to relate your blog to what they were searching for.

Assuming you write about “Music reviews” and it is included in your description as a keyword, someone who found your blog while searching for “Music label reviews” would find it easier to relate your blog to it.

3. CTAs makes people click

People react to an existing reaction. Your power words are your reactions and a person will mostly click when you tell him to.

Writing the perfect description

Let’s continue with writing the description of your blog. I will try to explain this with examples.

Meta Description for a music blog

Click here to download the latest Gospel songs from various inspirational singers in the world.

I successfully used “Click here” as a CTA and “download, latest, Gospel, Songs, Singers, Inspirational” as keywords.

Meta Description of TooXclusive (Music blog)

tooXclusive meta description

TooXclusive succeeded in making “Nigerian Music site, Ghanaian Songs & Videos” keywords but didn’t optimize CTA.

  • Word Count: 20.
  • Sentences: 2.
  • Character including spaces: 123.

Meta Description of a Blogging/SEO blog (CyberGeak)

cyberGeak meta description

Prosperity started by asking a question – using a power word “Do you” and keywords “SEO, Website” etc. but at the end, important words were eliminated by the search engine because it’s too long (if you view on mobile).

  • Word Count: 22.
  • Sentences: 2.
  • Character including spaces: 136.

My version of it

Want to build a great website with better SEO strategies? visit CyberGeak to learn advanced practices.

  • Word Count: 16.
  • Sentences: 2.
  • Character including spaces: 102.

Call To Action words “Want to, Visit, learn”, Keywords “SEO, Website, Advanced”.

Meta Description of a Technology Blog (OgbongeBlog)

ogbongeblog meta description

This is the meta description of OgbongeBlog, good and descriptive right? But is it converting? – Could it be better?. It’s too long, Google had to cut it short (down to 158 character count).

Info: Jide sir I didn’t find Meta Description tag on your blog <head>,  guess you used the meta box and ignored the tag. It’s important too you can learn how to add it in the previous.

Full Description

OgbongeBlog is one of the top tech blogs in Nigeria with focus on technology-related How TOs. It is a Nigerian technology blog where you can learn how to blog and earn money online.

  • Word Count: 34.
  • Sentences: 2.
  • Character including spaces: 181.

My Optimized version of it

OgbongeBlog is a top tech blog in Nigeria with focus on technology-related How TOs. Click here to learn how to blog and earn money online.

Do you notice the difference? I only added some power words, removed long lines and eliminated repeated keywords. Still, both descriptions explain the same thing.

  • Word Count: 26.
  • Sentences: 2.
  • Character including spaces: 138.

Meta Description of ShoutMeLoud (Blogging)

shoutmeloud meta description

You, would click that right? because you saw “award winning, living a boss free life” and the keyword “blogging”.

  • Word Count: 26.
  • Sentences: 2.
  • Character including spaces: 165.

What harsh did, was to make mention of his achievements which is also good. People love seeing positive sentiments. Though it ended up too long (marketing was eliminated).

Meta Description of a Nature Blog (Collette Nature Blog)

This blog belongs to one of my clients.

collette nature blog meta description

Collette dear, you need to work on this! you used too many keywords and no power word.

  • Word Count: 17.
  • Sentences: 2.
  • Character including spaces: 118.

And also, your first few keywords don’t relate with the last two. Do give space after a comma.

Meta Description of UrbanNg (Information and Entertainment Hub)

UrbanNg meta description

Belongs to a friend of mine. Stokash you said you enabled meta description but why is google showing the menu items on your blog?

  • Word Count: 20.
  • Sentences: 2.
  • Character including spaces: 150.

This can’t convert and it will reduce your ranking and search click.

Meta Description of BackLinko (SEO, Link Buiding)

backlinko meta description

If you spend just a day on BackLinko, you would know how related this description is to this blog.

  • Word Count: 21.
  • Sentences: 2.
  • Character including spaces: 120.

Brian Dean maintained his keywords (Backlinks, SEO, training and link building). He also used power words (get backlinks).

Meta Description of an Entertainment Blog (BellaNaija)

Meta Description of an Entertainment Blog (BellaNaija)

Good or bad?. would you click?.

  • Word Count: 20.
  • Sentences: 2.
  • Character including spaces: 129.

Hope you now understand what I met by using keywords, CTA, and power words in a sentence, like a statement. You don’t just want to rank, you want people to click.

Meta Description for Post Pages.

Unlike the homepage which required describing an entire blog, the post page requires less effort but also very important.

Tip #7 Pick Keywords from Post Title

Pick one or two keywords from your post title. This keyword should be the major point of that post or what you are describing in that post.

Tip #8 Keep Description relevant to post content

Try to read your post and notice the words you used. List out the keywords and power words you used will composing the post,

Are they related to your meta description? making sure of this will help increase your social CTR.

Tip #9 Make a click hungry sentence

The first page is not a shopping plaza! It’s a battle front, you need to beat those Adwords Ads and competitors hands down.

adword ads CTR

You can see how click hungry the above Ad is. Using the “Get free”, “Money Back Guarantee” and the keyword “SEO”. No repetition of words and word limit is 160 so be cautious of what you write.

CTA can boost your CTR so make sure you add at least one. Study how Adwords ads are optimized and you would understand what a click hungry sentence is.

Tip #10 Use SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

What if I tell you there is a free tool that lets you see the preview of how your Meta description would look like when indexed by google?

You also get to see bolded texts, optimized post URL, Meta description count and others. This tool is SEOMOFO SERP Snippet Optimization Tool and you should make use of it, for better CTR & SEO.

Make your blog convert

This is me ending today’s post which explained SEO, CTR and meta description usage. In my next post, I will show you how to test for meta description using free tools.

The meta description tag is one of the reasons many posts don’t get clicked on search engines even with a captivating/SEO optimised post title (you will learn how to write in this series).

Your blog needs to convert and with these few tips on increasing search & social click-through rate, CTR & SEO you should see an improvement in your blog traffic.

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