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    26 Jul 2017

    Adding meta description to your blogger blog has the potential of boosting SEO. Often times we neglect these basic Search Engine Optimization practices, not knowing these foundational settings, are actually what matters most when it comes to on page SEO.

    How To Add SEO Friendly Meta Description Tag To Blogger Blog

    Today, We are going to learn how to add meta description to your blogger blog homepage and individual post pages. Doing it the proper way and also learning what it is for & how to use it.
    This post is part of my tutorial series "BlogSpot SEO practices for beginners" In my next post I will be elaborating more on how to write SEO friendly meta description that drives both search and social traffic.

    What is Meta Description in SEO?

    Without the word "Meta" you would probably understand "Description" as the summary of what an article contains, or as a narration of how an object looks like.

    Well, they are both the same. Meta just breaks the boundary between it being a narration of the look of an object and it being a blogging term.

    Meta Description is that descriptive property that summarizes everything about your article by highlighting, only the most important aspect of that post using keywords contained in a sentence.

    With Meta description enabled search engines and your targetted audience find it easier to know what your blog post is all about.

    It is normally of 150 words maximum which means you would have to be word selective and also would have to practice SEO and marketing strategies.

    A good meta description usage can boost your SERP, social traffic, and the number of search clicks. 

    I will further explain to you how to make the best out of meta description tag as in relation to search engines, targetted audience, and social media traffic boosting on my next post.

    In that post which would be the second article on my Blogspot SEO basics for beginners series, I will show you the power of meta description in Blogspot and how to be top of the game.

    Today's post is mainly concentrated on how to setup meta description tag on a blogger blog. It is going to be detailed but less than a thousand (a hate long posts).

    Meta Description in Action

    The meta description is important for your blog due to the number of places it acts.

    They are found when your posts get indexed on search engines i.e when visitors search for your post and also when you share your post to social media networks.

    Meta Description in Search Results

    The meta description appears below the title and URL of your blog as a rank booster and also as an audience converting agent.

    After your posts get indexed the meta descriptions appear as the description of each individual post. This can go a long way in increasing your click through rate.

    Note: Keywords used in the meta description are also taken into consideration by search engines when search queries are made.

    These keywords help Google understand your post/blog better.
    Below is an example of meta description in action on search results.

    Meta Description For Homepage

    Meta Description For Homepage

    Meta Description For Individual Post Pages

    Meta Description For Individual Post Pages

    Meta Description in Social Shares

    It also acts as a marketing agent when posts are being shared on Facebook and other social media networks.

    Many Social Media Marketers encourage using the Facebook open graph and twitter rich cards simply because they get to show off their meta description.

    If your meta description is good enough, you are sure to get more clicks on your link.

    Meta Description in Social Shares

    Above is an example of meta description showing on posts shared to Facebook and you can see the potential worth as well.

    How to Add Meta Description To BlogSpot 

    Blogger by default provide this option for Blogspot users but you as a beginner might not have an idea on how to enable it.

    Enabling it doesn't take time and in the next few steps, I will show you how to get it done.

    Meta Description for Blogger Homepage

    1. Go to blogger.com >> Settings.
    2. Locate Search Preferences >> Meta tags >> Description.
    3. Click Edit beside [Disabled].
    4. Tick yes for "Enable search Description".
    5. Describe your blog using keywords in less than 150 words and save.
    Enable search Description

    Writing SEO Friendly Meta Description

    In the few steps above you only succeeded in enabling the meta description but these below tips will show you how to write an SEO friendly meta description.

    While writing your meta description do take into note important keywords, phrases related to your blogging niche, All these tips and implementations will be detailed out in my next post.

    Adding Meta Description to Blogger Template.

    In other to make sure we don't lose the SEO value of this meta tag due to blogger errors you would also need to add this tag to the header section of your blog. Before you go on, Backup your template.
    1. Go to Theme >> Edit HTML
    2. Search for <head> using CTRL+F/CMD+F
    3. Copy & Paste the below meta tag below it.
    4. Save your template.
    <b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'>
      <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>

    That is how easy it is to add meta description to a blogger template using meta tags. 

    How to add Meta Description tag to Individual Blogger Posts

    After the above settings, you are now going to find SEO more interesting. The above steps will help your homepage in SERP but won't help your individual posts.

    Therefore you need to enable meta descriptions for individual posts on your blog as well.

    Get Started

    Whenever you want to compose a post, you would notice a new box (Search Description) showing at the sidebar below "Location".

    How to add Meta Description tag to Individual Blogger Posts

    The Search Description box serves the purpose of setting different meta tags for post pages. 

    The only difference between this and the previous box is that the first meta descriptions work only on the homepage while this Search Description works only on the post page.

    In the Search Description box, type in your post description, it has both SEO and traffic benefits so do take your time and compose a meaningful description.

    It should not be more than 150 words this is because search engines will only show the first 150 words.

    If you fail to do this, Google, Bing, and other search engines will pick the first 150 words of your blog post and use it as the description which sometimes meant not be properly optimized for SEO.

    What next?

    Enabling meta description in blogger Blogspot is of great importance, do make sure to implement this just as I have explained. In my next posts, I will be guiding you on other important SEO meta tags which include keywords, Title tags etc. 

    SEO is a practice, do stick to this tutorial series of SEO for Blogspot beginners and at the end, you should see your blog ranking well in search results.


    Simply enabling the meta description does not mean you will rank better than your competitors but optimizing your meta descriptions has the potential of doing so, this is the reason why you should not miss any of the posts in this tutorial series.

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    Thanks for this post... I love this


    Hello Frank. Am glad you left a comment.

    I hope to see you on my next post which as I have emphasized will contain more of how to increase search click-through using meta description.


    Hi John,

    I must praise you for this quite awesome tutorial here,

    Meta Descriptions won't only enhance your SEO, it will also attract good clicks from SERPs.

    I like how you fully compiled it all through, Search bots must understand the summary of webpages before crawling and indexing it and this article contains the best way for bloggers to professionally enhance their meta tags and descriptions.

    Much regards once again John!


    Thanks Prosperity.

    I found it better to teach bloggers the core basics as with it they can rank better.

    I like how you brought in the point of crawlers understanding your content. People seems to neglect this!

    This is one of the reasons beginners seems to fail at SEO. and thanks for the brush up. (y)

    Next article will deliver more on how meta description and CTR works. hope to see you there! (o)

    delete This comment has been removed by the author.

    Thank you boss for this little tips so far.

    indeed i really appreciate, infact i must say you have been the best so far on basic SEO tips. am glad i met this here

    will keep following your posts till all is accomplished.

    thanks once again blogging prince.


    Welcome Elochi and thanks for the good words.

    The basics is what determine the strength of the advanced.

    If you don't have strong knowledge of the basics, practicing the advanced tips would be hard.

    The second tutorial on this series, have just been published and you can find it on the homepage & recent post widget.

    Do follow up with the series and you will be glad you did at the end.


    What A Great article. Keep it up prince.


    You Inspires Me Man. Thanks for your posts


    Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. You are doing a great job.

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