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    6 Oct 2017

    Learn How To Make Visitors Share Your Post Before Getting Download Link.

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    There are numerous ways to drive instant traffic to your blog and one of the good and legit ways of doing this is by making your blog visitors share your blog posts before they can get access to the download link of whatever you wish to offer.

    This is not a trick and neither are you going to spend any money on it. In this post, I am going to show you 2 ways to go about it and whichever you feel is better you can go with it.

    But firstly, I would briefly talk about the advantage of doing this.

    What you stand to gain

    #1. Increased Traffic

    If what you have to offer is important and of real value, then you are sure of getting a huge amount of persons visiting your blog.

    Because anyone who visits your blog, and request for a download link, will be required to share your post before he can gain access to that link.

    Once he/she shares, your post gets exposed to their social audience which could be thousands depending on the person who shares.

    #2. Real Value for your effort

    I believe you made effort before getting that product which you intend to give out free. Now having your visitors share your content before getting the FREE PACKAGE is a good way of getting real value for your product.

    Though you offered it free to them, you also gained some valid shares and clicks.

    #3. Increase in Alexa Rank

    Alexa Rank seems to evaluate the rank of websites not only based on search engine traffic but also based on social activeness.

    Which then implies that whenever your blog visitor request for a download, and share, your Alexa rank will get a boost and if you get to do this constantly, you would enjoy a huge Alexa boost.

    Things you might consider

    While thinking of what you stand to gain, you should also consider what you stand to lose. I have used this system and I have seen some persons using it and these below are the disadvantages.

    #1. You look Spammy and Unreal

     If you intend to build a great blog with a good reputation, you might find this important. Persons who visit websites always assume the owner is just looking for money/shares and is a fake blogger when they make them share before providing the download link.

    Most persons would not visit your website again if this happens.

    #2. Takes time to practice

     Having to use this system to get shares takes time to practice because you would have to spend additional time in creating campaigns and content lockers.

    2 Ways To Social Lock Your Download Links

    #Method 1. Social Content Lockers For Blogger & WordPress

    This is one of the earliest methods of protecting your content. Content lockers are made with code and with just a few customizations you can easily get the exact share buttons you want. such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

    Content Lockers are available for both WordPress and Blogger Users. Though it is easier for WordPress users because it requires them to just download a plugin, install it and that's all.

    3 Free WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins

    #1. Content Locker By MyThemesShop

    With 900+ active downloads on WordPress.org, Social Content Locker by MyThemesShop stand out as a good plugin to choose when it comes to making visitors pay for download links.

    Available Social Buttons: Facebook share, Tweet button, and Google Plus button.

    This free plugin works with various options which include integration with Google Analysis, Using Ajax loading, Disable on mobile and much much more.

    I find it powerful and also lightweight (won't have a significant impact on your blog loading speed). It's a good option.

    Free Download
    Visit WordPress.Org

    #2. OnePress Social Locker By OnePress

    This content locker plugin is a powerhouse and with a comfortable lead of 20,000+ active download on WordPress.org, OnePress stand a chance of being the best Content Locker plugin available for WordPress users.

    OnePress is fully packed with an in-house analytics which gives you a total overview of what is happening and which locked content is bringing in more traffic.

    You also get to use 3 share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, and Google +) there are more options when you upgrade to the premium version.

    OnePress Social Content locker is also optimized for SEO and mobile devices, No significant effect on page speed.

    Free Download
    Visit WordPress.Org

    #3. Super Social Content Locker Lite By CodeTides

    CodeTides provides this as a free alternative to those looking to enjoy the fun in using a social content locker.

    This plugin is also fully packed and comes in handy with three share buttons Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. It currently has an active download of 50+.

    Its fast, developer friendly and SEO friendly. All your locked content will still be crawled and indexed by Google.

    Free Download
    Visit WordPress.Org

    Social Content For BlogSpot Blogs.

    Though not favored by plugins, BlogSpot bloggers can easily lock their content by using a few lines of code.

    It works almost the same way as the social content locker for WordPress only that you would have to manually add the codes to your template file.

    How To Add Social Content Locker To Blogger Blog.

    In the next few steps, I will be showing you how to get your own social content locker codes to use on your Blogspot blog. Follow the steps and you won't have any issues.

    We are going to making use of Jquery and HTML for the making.

    Adding the JQuery

    Note: If you already have JQuery code working on your blog, you should skip this step.

    Search for </head> and paste the following code, just above it.
    <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.min.js" type="text/javascript"/>

    Adding the Script

    The script is what create the buttons, with the script you can decide which buttons are shown.

    Search for </head> and paste the following code, just above it.
    <link href=’https://doc-0s-7k-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/46mevca208h20kh59uvtk55q7dku0d9l/v6vg0hu920bn8rogntsjv4agqgusqopu/1495785600000/08960062118141305201/08960062118141305201/0B-tTrbz0ZUcpY0pZbFV3VVVkYlk?e=download&nonce=f563ii5mtg2pa&user=08960062118141305201&hash=avg6o490n12qh189t9rta5aogtdan51o’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’/>
    <script src=’https://doc-0c-7k-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/46mevca208h20kh59uvtk55q7dku0d9l/v7nm805i6a1hb50d5vnukjfjg7jqsq0p/1495785600000/08960062118141305201/08960062118141305201/0B-tTrbz0ZUcpVzdUZk14MFEyUVk?e=download’ type=’text/javascript’/>
    <script type=’text/javascript’>
    $(‘.socialLocker .to-lock’).sociallocker({
    buttons: {order:[“facebook-like”,”twitter-tweet”,”google-plus”]},
    twitter: {url:”http://twitter.com/obhiabablog“},
    facebook: {url:”https://www.facebook.com/bloggingprinceblog“},
    google: {url:”https://plus.google.com/+PrinceJohnOkosun“},
    text: {
    header: “Like us To Unlock This Content”,
    message: “This content is locked. Like us on Twitter, Facebook or Google plus to unlock it.”
    locker: {close: false, timer: 0,},
    theme: “secrets”

    Adding the HTML

    Whenever you wish to lock a content inside a post, you can simply add the below codes and edit it as required.
    <article class=”socialLocker”>  <div class=”to-lock” style=”display:none;”>    — ADD YOUR CONTENT HERE —   </div> </article>

    Source: MyBloggerGuides.

    #Method 2 - PayWithATweet

    PayWithATweet is an easy alternative to social content lockers. The difference is mainly that, the sharing and downloading doesn't occur on your website.

    And also you don't need any knowledge of coding or plugin installation to get this to work. PayWithATweet is FREE and easy to use. Even a complete beginner can use it.

    PayWithATweet can also be used on Facebook, which means it opens your source of traffic to a wide variety of options. If you feel PayWithATweet is much better and easier, then follow the below steps to get it down.

    Step #1 - Create A FREE PayWithATweet Account

    1. Visit https://www.paywithapost.de/
    2. Click on "CREATE CAMPAIGN"
    3. Fill the form for "New User" and access your account.

    Step #2 - Create Your First Campaign

    After creating your account. You would be redirected to a page to Create your First Campaign. Click on the link to continue.

    Let's get started...

    • Add the name of your product in the "What is the name of your product" form.
    • Choose which social networks visitors can share your posts to before getting the download link. You can choose all.
    • What is the message that people may post and tweet? - On this, you need to optimize and write a really caching message. Because this is going to be the message that will be attached to your post URL when shared by visitors.
    • What website do you want people to post or tweet about? - This should be the URL of the blog post you wish to promote. This link should be related to the message written above so it won't look like you are deceiving your visitors.
    • What is the Access-Link? - This is the link to the file you are offering for FREE download.

    paywithatweet setup

    These basic settings would do perfectly well. Click NEXT to continue.

    Check your Campaign

    This page shows you a preview of everything. You will see the short URL to your blog post and will also see the download link persons will gain access to after sharing.

    Tick the box at the bottom and hit "CREATE CAMPAIGN".

    Your Campaign is ready

    PayWithATweet will now provide you a direct link which you can add to your blog as the URL of your download button or better still you can pick one of the embeddable buttons created by PayWithATweet.

    If you have no idea of how to create a download button on blogger you can read this post.

    Rounding Up

    Having visitors to pay for what they want is a good way of exposing your blog to more audience. It can boost your traffic and increase sales/leads/earnings.

    A good practice of it what you need and if you have any questions/complain feel free to leave it in the comment box.

    This post was all about "How To make Visitors Share Your Post Before Getting Download Link." and I hope it worked for you.

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    Nice post... Activation mode


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    It's formatting error... will update the code.


    The one for blogger, won't it slow down the blog speed on Google PSI?

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    It will. I recommend you read my post on optimising jquery code.


    Great tips buddy


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