5 Reasons You Still Suck At SEO As A Blogger And Quick Fix

Hello friend, in this post today, I am going to elaborate on the 5 common reasons why bloggers fail at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to solve them real quick.

5 Reasons You Still Suck At SEO As A Blogger And Quick Fix

As you should know already, SEO is a game changer!

A good practice of it is all that you need to be successful at blogging since Search engines are the best source of traffic; therefore with Good SEO practice, you can get to the very top of blogging.

How doe it sound to get 1.5million page views monthly only from search engines… That is a 53,571 human visitors per day.

With that you can earn real money from AdSense daily if that’s your major source of income and also you can use it to earn more from Affiliate marketing, selling etc.

All that being said, let’s get started and see what you are doing wrong.

1. Not putting into practice what you read.

Nearly every blog talks about Search Engine Optimization nowadays. in Nigeria, I can mention 6 SEO bloggers with blog loaded with Search engine optimization tips and tricks.

it’s obvious you read these articles. But do you actually put them into use?
Like I have always said, SEO is no magic, it is a practice.

By simply reading an article on SEO doesn’t mean you are good to go. No!
You have to read, implement it and don’t stop until you see the results of what you implemented.

2. Unwillingness to buy tools, e-books etc

Nothing good comes for free, it either come hard or with a price tag. You have to note this. If sincerely you expect to get good tools, ebooks for free then you are not ready for success.

Knowledge is one of the things you really need to spend on. Yes, I know, but these books are too expensive, can’t they be cheaper? or if possible free?

It could be very cheap or even FREE. But I personally think nothing should be given free.

Before a developer can come up with a good tool such as “SEMRUSH” which is a highly recommended SEO tool, he/she must have spent money and time.

While you were sleeping, he was working just to get a tool that will solve a problem.

You then don’t expect him to give out such work for free!

If you have money, Learn to invest in tools and e-books.

Recently, I saw an e-book online by Prosper Noah. The reviews and testimonies that followed made me clarify that such book is good.

If really you are interested in SEO, you seriously need to invest in such books.

No knowledge is wasted.

That will lead us to our third point.

3. SEO is not for you

I’m sorry to say Search Engine Optimization is not for everyone.

If we all practice SEO then in a few years time, the internet will be flooded with too many articles which is not good for the health of bloggers.

Way too much competition.

There are numerous ways to drive traffic to your blog, we have social media sites, advertisement (paid traffic) etc.

But wait, why did I say SEO is not for you?

Despite Search engines being a good source of traffic, not everyone should depend on it

This is clarified based on your niche. i.e some niche blogs can do very well without search traffic.

Credit: Shareaholic

A survey by Shareaholic shows that in September 2017, approximately 20% of website visitors came from Social media

website traffic source channels
Credit: NeilPatel

Also, another chart by Neil Patel shows that 28.1% of website visitors are from social media

while 32.5% from Search engines.

Instead of wasting many resources on search engines, a dive to Social traffic might be all you need.

especially for News and Entertainments bloggers, who deal on instant articles.

Social media platforms are a better alternative and most times easier to use than search engines.

You just need to learn about CTR titles and description to get a huge amount of traffic from facebook which has over 2billion users.

4. Your On-page practice is poor

Ever wondered why bloggers do a lot of site SEO audit?

Well, in case you didn’t know, they are working on their on-page SEO.

Despite all practices, your on-page SEO is very important. So what is on-page SEO?

  1. Theme speed and responsiveness
  2. Title optimization
  3. Meta tags such as Meta description
  4. Blog post length
  5. Effective use of images
  6. Description write up
  7. Use of HTTPS

All these and more make up the on-page SEO practices. This is important because Search engines don’t like to send visitors to dangerous areas.

So they audit your blog to make sure it is properly optimized before sending you traffic.

In a latest 2018 SEO cheat sheet, page speed was listed with a good grade.
While Neil Patel and others think a blog post should be from 2500 words and above.

average word per seo post
Credit: SerpIQ

but CoSchedule says something else, cause they posted that it should be 1500 words and an above.

SEO post length by coschedule
Credit: CoSchedule

Backlinko says a post should have at list one image.

While ProBlogger says that Google will increase the rank of blogs with HTTPS.

If I am to continue, we are going to see a lot of says and says but that doesn’t solve our problem.

First thing first is to take an SEO audit, I have my favourite tools, just going to lead you through them.

First is SEOCENTRO; This tool is great for checking On-page settings including Title tags, description, relevancy, ranks etc.

seocentro seo test
Credit: SeoCentro

One feature I like a lot is the Keyword section, which shows a chart sheet of all your active keywords and usage.

Let’s go right into it… Visit https://www.seocentro.com/tools/seo/seo-analyzer.html

seocentro site audit
Credit: SeoCentro

Input your URL.

You get up to 5 trials a day, then you will have to update.

SEOCentro, gives you hint on how to fix most problems, you should also check out the guides below for further assistance.

The second tool, you should try out is SEO Site Checkup. A complete solution with great tools such as Image Alt check, Canonical tag check etc.

Visit; https://seositecheckup.com/

input your blog URL. Note you only get one try.

Hopefully, you should be able to get most loopholes fixed.

but then, you don’t necessarily need to score a 100% on all tests, below chart shows the most important elements for ranking.

Common SEO problems
Credit: SEMrush

So work smart.

Meanwhile, Note that With a good practice of On-page SEO, your blog post should stand a chance at Google front page.

Do check out Brain dean’s complete SEO tools for more suggestions.

5. Your blog needs a good reputation

Just the same way you need a good reputation to gain more contracts, your blog needs same to gain more traffic.

So what is reputation?

Reputation is everything you do outside your to improve your blog. i.e Off-page SEO.

This mainly includes

  1. Backlinking
  2. Guest Posting
  3. Commenting
  4. Social shares
  5. Alexa rank, Moz PA and DA etc

All these come together to make up the reputation of your blog.

Generally Google values sites with Good backlinks, actually, you can’t talk about SEO without mentioning backlinking.

Hence, if you have not been a fan of Backlinking, you need to change your club and start working to get backlinks.

There are quite so many ways to earn backlinks without Blackhat practices, in case that’s what you do.

Guest posting is a good way to earn backlinks. Before now you probably felt it is mainly for traffic and readership.

Nope, it’s not.

Guest Posting goes a long way to giving very good do-follow backlinks depending on the blog you post on.

Also, Commenting is another way to earn backlinks from blogs. If a blog won’t let me guest post for them,

I will simply comment on a few of their high-quality pages and earn my backlinks.

Did I just say high-quality pages?

Yep, you read it well.

If you are going to seek backlinks then you have got to know about page quality.

Let’s leave that for now, will treat it later.

Social shares is another aspect you should watch out for.

Earlier, when using SeoCentro, you probably noticed the effect of social engagement in SEO.

let’s take a look.

social media effect in SEO
Credit: SeoCentro

That is a whopping 5-star rating for Social Presence. That’s huge.

And also SEOMOZ just confirmed it below.

social metrics in SEO
Credit: SEOMoz

So start sharing your post more often. I recommend, adding click to tweet boxes to your blog post, a good plugin for that is social warfare.

Try it especially the premium plan.

All that being said, let us check out what the ranks say;

Ranks for blogs such as Alexa, MOZ etc are calculated based on the success of your blog.

For Alexa, it is majorly in traffic while MOZ place into consideration backlinks.

These ranks help google find quality sites, so be sure to improve your ranks.

here are the secrets to increasing Aleza and Moz ranks

  1. Increase your traffic via social media
  2. Post often
  3. Get more backlinks etc.

There are various ways to get this done.

We are now going to check out a few tools, that becomes important when we talk about Off-page SEO.


I like this tool for my SEO audit, Though it’s expensive, it’s worth it.

You can also use the free trial, which quite limited. but then, I will just show you how to use it.

Visit; https://www.bloggingprince.com/recommends/semrush

Input your URL as I did, and let’s Go.

semrush tool
Credit: SemRush

My audit is showing 41 organic searches and 66 backlinks, still working on fixing that.

A much large blog such as “ShoutMeloud” gives the result below.

semrush tool shoutmeloud

You see why such blogs perform incredibly well on search results.

A scroll down shows ShoutMeLoud top organic keywords.

semrush tool shoutmeloud top keywords

Now the treasure here is; the position, Search Volume, and CPC.

The first keyword “google keyword ranking” ranks (position) number one, with a monthly visitor volume of 1900 with a whopping 5.03 CPC.

That’s cool AdSense money!

Notice the 4th keyword (facebook login welcome to facebook), it has a whopping 450,000 monthly visitors but low CPC of 0.72 which though is great.

That’s one of the magic of SEMRUSH.

With the premium version, you can actually view a list of keywords with low competition (easy to rank), but has high monthly search traffic.


When you scroll down a bit, you see a list of websites linking to your site.

semrush tool shoutmeloud top keywords

The right sidebar makes it better.

Next section you should find interesting is “Indexed Pages”.

Which shows a list of your pages showing on search engines already based on their authority.

You also see the number of backlinks each page has.

Another great tool you can use for the above function is the “Google Webmaster tool”.

See how to use the webmaster tool here.

The above information, if you noticed is just a limited version, other things you can do with Semrush is

  1. Find high paying keywords
  2. Find low competition keywords
  3. Complete site audit
  4. Monitor your competitor

Get SEMRUSH SEO tool now

Now, about finding high-quality pages for commenting.

First thing first, what makes a page high quality?

  • Page and Domain Rank
  • Backlinks to that page
  • Social Shares
  • Page daily traffic.

In finding pages with good PA and DA, we use Moz Open site explorer.

Credit: Moz

Visit, any page you wish to comment on, copy the link and head to https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/

and paste it in the field shown above.

Will definitely have to work on my pages. Do this test for any page you wish to comment on.

Pages with good DA and PA will immensely boost your rank.

You can also see a summary of the number of links to that site.

Also, use Alexa Rank.

For complete Backlink analysis, I recommend using Semrush.

Next up is Social Shares, I recently found a great tool (free) that help in generating the social shares of a page.

Its called “SharedCount”

The good thing is you can analyze more than one URL at once.

So head to; https://www.sharedcount.com/ and start analyzing.


So that’s the end of Today’s tutorial, I believe you definitely found out the reason why you have failed in SEO

If you need further assistance, in solving SEO problems, feel to comment below.

Have any other question not related to this post, please use the Questions forum.

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