How to Add “Click To Tweet” to WordPress Post Using Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a social media sharing tool, that makes it easy to add share buttons to posts, pages, products etc
social warfare click to tweet to wordpress
The plugin also provides you with “Click to Tweet” boxes which you can use right inside your post editor.
Click to tweet boxes are becoming more effective, with good usage and optimization,
it can increase the number of tweets a post gets.
What makes it powerful is the ability to communicate a real message to a targetted audience.
How does it get that job done?
Taking you for example,
you are probably going to tweet a box with specific information in it than a plain button.
Why is that?

Advantages Of Click To Tweet In Blog Posts

Firstly, Click to tweet boxes show you what you are sharing with your audience on Twitter
making it easy for you to determine if it fits your audience or not.
Secondly, Click to tweets boxes can increase your traffic if you optimize it.
 The Coschedule headline analyzer, adds a click to tweet box at the end of each headline you analyze.
click to tweet example
You can see that above.
Should in case you tweet, this to a community of bloggers, SEO writers, content marketers
most of them are likely to click on that link!
Why? because it communicates directly to that audience.
So unlike share buttons that take the title of a post,
click to tweet boxes target a specific audience
and this increases the possibility of driving more traffic.
Thirdly, it gives you as a publisher an option to decide what gets shared.
The click to tweet box at the top, helps me target audience looking for share button alternatives,
better ways to drive traffic and how to use click to tweet buttons.
Instead of them seeing “How to add click to tweet to WordPress post using social warfare”,
they see a customized text which targets a better audience.
Fourthly, Click to tweet boxes provides you with effective use of hashtags
If you wish to drive traffic from twitter then you have to study hashtags.
Social warfare click to tweet boxes allows you choose two things
  1. What the user sees on your post
  2. What gets shared on twitter
Meaning you can have a click to tweet box with “here are the best shared hosting plans for 2018
and the message it shares to Twitter is “here are the #best shared #hosting plans for 2018”.
Hope you get the message?
So in general, click to tweet boxes outperforms share buttons.
Let’s go right away and set up tweet boxes using Social warfare
which is a free WordPress social media optimizing plugin.
meanwhile, you can follow me on twitter @blogging_prince

How to Add “Click To Tweet” to WordPress Post

1. Download social warfare plugin

First thing first, download and activate the social warfare plugin
I already have a post which shows you how to do this. read it here

2. Go to Post editor

Social Warfare adds a tool to your WordPress text editor
making it much easier to add click to tweets without having to border with shortcodes.
Visit your post editor, the text editor tools locate the twitter icon
click to tweet in post editor
… as shown above.
Place the cursor where you wish to display the box and click on the click to tweet.

3. Write your tweet

The pop-up box comes with two text boxes
  • The first decides what tweet will be sent to twitter when the box gets clicked
  • The second box, is the text the user will see in your blog post
while the last option, lets you decide the look of your tweet box.
click to tweet box
You should play around with the theme to decide which attracts more clicks.
When done, click Ok and publish your post to see it how its displaying.
I don’t want to use Social warfare, what are the alternatives.
Social Warfare is not a click to tweet plugin,
it only adds the functionality to it’s existing features
  1. Horizontal buttons
  2. Floating buttons
  3. Share count retrieving
  4. Popular post widget based on share count.
 The reason why I use the Social Warfare plugin, is because it is better to have one single plugin
do a bunch of work, than have different plugins for specific tasks
in that way, you will not cluster your admin area with plugins
one of the penalties for doing that is slow loading pages.
Note: If you are going to use the Social Warfare plugin,
I recommend using the premium which adds more social buttons including WhatsApp, Buffer. Email etc and also displays twitter share counts.
It costs $29 and you can get it here.
Finally, This tutorial on social warfare click to tweet feature for WordPress posts ends here.
If you have enabled this tool, can you please tweet this?
Hope the article was useful?

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