How To Choose A Blog Topic – Best Tips In Choosing A Niche

Hello friend, In today’s post I am going to show you 4 perfect tips to guide you in choosing a blog topic.

blog topic ideas

There are so many blogs online these days and every single day more blogs are published.

One will wonder how these bloggers get a topic to blog about?

Deciding what to blog about (blog topic) is very important for your entire blogging career.

Just a hint “I was once an entertainment blogger, news blogger, and lifestyle blogger”

My failed News/Entertainment blog

Why the changes?

With each one, I found it hard to cope (survive)

How did I get there in the first place?

I envied bloggers succeeding in those niches and decided to join but only to end up failing!

So why did I fail? I failed only because I chose a blog topic that wasn’t meant for me

A Fish finds it hard to survive on land while humans find it hard to survive in water and even when we do survive,

fish out of water
Credit: GifImage

We find it had to exploit ourselves up to our peak.

That’s why I and many other bloggers failed differently.

In order not to fail, you must decide before starting a blog which blog niche is right for you.

Meanwhile, there are various niches (blog topic) which categorize everything such as Music blogging.

When you hear this, you often assume it’s about bloggers that upload songs right?

But what about bloggers that talk about the genres of music,

What are they?

Withstanding that, let’s check out helpful tips for choosing a blog topic to write about

1. What you are passionate about

In blogging, one good way to communicate with your readers is being yourself

People love to read your personality in your blog posts

And you can only archive this with passion!

When you are passionate about a topic, sport, activity etc you find yourself reflecting in your blog.

passion for blogging
Credit: Tipsy Writer

So I always advise beginners to take time and figure out what they are passionate about

It could football, fashion, traveling, cooking, baking, music, etc

Whatever it is.

It has the potential of building you a unique brand.

So Note always, the first tip is blogging about what you are passionate about.

Lets, take a look at the second.

2. Blogs you enjoy reading

Before now, you have definitely read many other blogs

And found yourself loving articles on a specific type of blog.

blogs you enjoy reading
Credit: Proclaim Blog

Maybe you love reading news articles, or you love following fashion blogs

It could also be that you love following lifestyle blogs.

No matter what it is!

If you have grown the love for it then creating articles for it won’t be hard

In that way, you find it comfortable to be a blogger on that blog topic.

Way back, as I expressed in this post.

I fell in love with OgbongeBlog and would read a post daily there


I happen to be the kind of person that loves to lecture

Now reading a blog on tutorials was way easier than a post on traveling.

So choosing a topic based on what you love reading

is a good point to consider when starting your blog!

3. What you are an Expert in

Forgetting the fact that you don’t really need to be an expert to start a blog,

but If you happen to be an expert in a certain field, you will make more progress.

Let’s say “you are a doctor”

Then starting a blog on health issues and solution would make total sense
And not just sense extra income.

Something you should also know is that,

It is easier for a professional to succeed in a niche than for an amateur.

because certain niches in blogging are not for everyone.

Yes, what am I saying?

It is easy to wake up in the morning, and decide to start a celebrity blog,

Maybe because you have followed rule 1 or 2 in this post

Same goes for music blogging, anybody who is passionate about it can get the job done

But what about a Men’s health kind of blog?

Or a sports analysis kind of blog?

blog expert
Credit: ETP Enterprises

Then you see being an expert is way cooler in terms of starting up.

You have just one goal, build a blog on what you know

And make money out of it while helping others.

4. What Will make you money.

Thought of saving the trickiest for last.

Before you continue, please don’t be a victim of this.

Many bloggers have not made a dime from blogging, but still, they are bloggers

While a few others, spend less than a year and start making money.

In the world today, monthly earnings have taught the young ones what to choose as a profession

And what not to venture into.

Same is in blogging.

All niches pay but some pay better.

So if you’re going to start a blog, it would be wise to consider which blog niche pays better, so you won’t end up spending years without earning.

Let’s see the highest paying blog niches

Blogging Topics that make money

  1. how to make money
  2. Personal finance
  3. Real estate
  4. Health and fitness
  5. Education / school
  6. Food
  7. Fashion and Beauty
  8. Lifestyle

The above list was compiled based on Adsense CPC (revenue).

Bloggers who tend to teach people how to make money, actually are making their own money,

They sell e-books, run ads, sell courses

All about teaching you to make money! while making theirs (cool)

The real estate is a money bag because earnings per completed task is very high, many real estate bloggers make up to N200k per completed transaction.

So what am I getting at?

It’s always best to know if the niche you have chosen pays well.

In case you are wondering why Entertainment and News bloggers were not listed.

Here is a simple explanation.

They don’t pay well.

A blogger in the education niche can earn up to $10 with 500 pageviews and a few clicks a day but a news blogger won’t earn up to $2 with same stats.

Though, In terms of traffic news and entertainment are the best

but in terms of earnings, They ain’t regarded.

I would have ended the whole story here,

But then I don’t want you to make the same mistakes lot of persons make.

Here is what am talking about.

How to pick a specific topic inside a niche

Niches are broad and way too hard to manage

A wise blogger should know this!

When we say “Niche”, we are talking about “Music, News, Health” etc
But when we say topic, it means a subsection of a niche.

For music, we have “Gospel, hip-hop, Country ” etc as topics, you can even go further to languages And countries such as “Yoruba songs, Ghanaian songs”.

While for health we have same such as “Men’s health, Women’s health,” etc

blog niche and topic
Credit: Warrior Forum

What most bloggers do, is jump into the niche and start writing random stuff…


Not in this generation,

Nowadays picking a specific blog topic in a niche is way more successful than diving into a niche.

Here are a few facts to consider.

  1. Easy to decide on what to write about: if you happen to be a Nigerian music blogger, then it will be way more easy for you, why? you can easily focus on just Nigerian songs
  2. Targeted audiences: A man having health issues is bound to click on a site that talks about men’s health than a multi-function blog. In that way, you can provide real solutions to a specific set of people.
  3. Converting earning channels: Advert program such as Google Adsense will find it easy to place relevant ads on your blog. And also if you decide to run affiliate marketing then it is easy to decide which programs to join.
  4. Better lead generation: users will opt in more if they realize you cover everything they want in a specific topic.
  5. Lesser competition: It is way easier to compete in a sub-niche such as “Facebook marketing tips” than a big niche such as “social media marketing”.

So what do you think?

Still going for a big niche?… I doubt that.

Let’s start a blog already… Am eager to show you how.

Am going to take you through a simple setup on how to start a blog using my number one recommended platform (WordPress) and web host (Blue host)

How to start a blog on a specific blog topic

As I said early, we’re going to use WordPress, which is a powerful yet free CMS and Bluehost a highly recommended hosting services.

Currently, pricing is $2.95 which is just perfect for a beginner,
Plus you get a free domain name and SSL certificate both valued at $11.9/yr and 0.9

So Let’s get started.

First thing first, let’s buy a hosting plan.

Go to

Bluehost Homepage
Bluehost Homepage

Hit “Get Started Now”

bluehost select plan

Select “Basic” or any of your desired plan.

bluehost choose domain

Time to get your free domain name. Type in your desired domain name into “new domain” box.

if you already have a domain name use the “I have a domain name” box.

bluehost account information

Simply fill in your details into the box and scroll down.

bluehost purchase hosting

In my screenshot above, I was lucky to get a higher discount and free domain privacy which is worth $0.99 per month.

Heres how I got it.

In the package information page,

uncheck the “Domain Privacy Protection” and “Codeguard Basic”.

leave the page ( don’t close the tab), just switch to another tab,

come back after a few minutes,

bluehost special offer

This action somehow triggers a banner, that pops-up and gives you a higher discount.

hope you are lucky like me…

How to install WordPress on Bluehost

Bluehost are created to serve WordPress users with ease, and that’s why it’s highly recommended.

If you have followed the steps above to purchase, a hosting plan + domain name,

Bluehost will automatically create a WordPress site on that domain which you chose early.

making the entire process seamless.

new bluehost dashboard 2018
Credit: ShoutMeLoud

Now click on “Log in to WordPress”

to finish up your site settings.

But then if you deleted the already create site or something ease happened,

and your dashboard doesn’t turn out just like the one above,

not to worry, we will simply install WordPress manually in just a few minutes.

How to install WordPress on Bluehost Manually.

First thing first, Login to your WordPress dashboard,

install wordpress manually bluehost
Credit: ShoutMeLoud

Locate and Click “Marketplace” >> “Add Website”.

Fill in your new site details >> Next.

bluehost domain setup
Credit: ShoutMeLoud

Type in your domain name, and leave the directory empty.


The directory is only used if you don’t want to host your blog on the main site.

i.e something like

You will get access to a set of free plugins which are actually premium

but Bluehost provides them for free.

You can install and uninstall later if you don’t find them useful.

Click on “Next”

That’s all.

Hope it was easy?

You are all set.

Now, you have to consider publishing a few pages

  • About us
  • Contact
  • Privacy and policy.

To do this, Navigate to “Pages” >> “Add new “ when you finish writing,
Hit the publish button.

See How To Write Optimised About Us, Contact Us, Policy Pages For Adsense Approval

Install a theme.

A theme gives your blog a good look and helps place things according to the way you like it.

You will find a handful of free ones in your WordPress dashboard

and can also get premium ones at ThemeForest.

Install plugins

Plugins are the main functional unit of a WordPress blog, consider

installing a few of them to get things started.

Check out the ones below.

  1. Yoast for SEO
  2. W3 Total Cache for page caching
  3. UpdraftPlus for backup
  4. Social Warfare for share buttons
  5. iThemes Security for WordPress security.

All these plugins are free and can be found at the WordPress plugin tab.

Rounding up.

Choosing a blog topic is very tricky and if you make mistakes, you are going to ruin your entire career.

The very truth is…

you might not find the perfect topic for you at first try

but with time and dedication, it will unveil itself.

Happy blogging fella.

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