Blogging Prince Blogger Template V1 – Free Birthday Package

Hello, Friends!

Today, I bring you something special and coming straight from my heart. I woke up this morning wondering how best to please my blog readers as I mark a new age. then I thought of providing for free my blogger template.

Blogging Prince Blogger Template V1 - Free Birthday Package

To my long time blog followers, that were already here before I changed to a new domain, you would know when I used this template and how I amazing it is. It is actually one of my best designs and I intended to sell it for N10,000.

Blogging Prince blogger template V1 is one of the top reasons why you see this blog on search engines. Its SEO is no joke and come to think of it, why would an SEO blogger and Template designer use a bad theme? – this should give you a clue of how awesome this theme is.

Features Of Template

  1. SEO packed
  2. Mobile Friendly and Responsive
  3. Ads Ready – best spots ever
  4. User-Friendly
  5. Floating share buttons with counter
  6. Related Post widget
  7. 3 column footer
  8. Supports HTTPS
  9. Support Box In Footer
  10. Featured Image
  11. Floating Menu 
  12. Floating Sidebar Widget
  13. Sleek Popular Post
  14. Fast Loading
  15. Much more

Photos Of Template

blogging prince blogger template

free blogger template

free blogger template

blogger template

blogger template

See Demo Blog Here

Since am giving it out free to you all to mark my birthday, then I better get to know you first before I give it to you. I only want it to be for my true blog readers. People who don’t spend a day without visiting.

Then how best to know these readers? – So I wondered.

Well no stories, it is all fun for me this month. I will give out this theme to every one of my list on the 6th of this month which is my birthday.

Only subscribed members to this blog will receive this template. I will send it to your email personally on 6th of July which is my birthday.

You are to subscribe to push notifications and mail list. I have provided the URLS below for you. The template will be sold 10k after my birthday. Today is the 3rd of July and my sincere followers have from today till July 6th to subscribe.

How To Subscribe To Push Notification – Step 1.

The below link can be used to subscribe to push notification. It is browser and user-friendly, no spamming messages, you will only receive an alert when I send you the template file.

Subscribe to Mailing – Step Two

The link below is for mailing, This will enable me to send you the template file directly to your email. No spamming emails, I will only send you the email file as a true reader of my blog.

Get This Template Via Mail

I don’t allow robots subscribe to my list, that is why you need to verify your mail after subscribing.


You are to subscribe to both push notification and mail list. Am happy cause my mother brought me to this world where I came to fall in love with coding this week. And I would rather celebrate it with you.

I will write a blog post for it so you can come to my blog to wish me happy birthday on the 6th of this month.

Happy birthday to me in Advance.

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