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    How To Create WordPress Like Table Of Content In Blogger (After First Paragraph)

    In this post, you are going to learn how to automatically create Blogger Table of Content widget after the first paragraph in your blogspot blog just like WordPress users. As your blogger blog post length start to exceed the 1000 words mark, there might come the need to add skip to next paragraph in each […]

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    Quick & Easy Solution To Disqus Comments Not Showing In Blogger Mobile View

    is your Disqus comment box not showing on your phone? but working well on your laptop. And I know you are probably feeling as if you did something wrong when installing Disqus on your blogger blog. Well, you have not done anything wrong. Disqus doesn’t show on blogger default mobile template unless you make it. […]

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    Advanced Recent Post Widget For Blogger With Thumbnails

    Introducing Mega recent post widget for blogger blogs. This Blogspot recent post widget was crafted to serve the need of what you could not archive with a default blogger template. I have seen premium templates come out with recent post carousels & sliders and I know you must be wondering how to add it to […]

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    How To Create Drop Down Navigation Menu With Submenu In Blogger

    New blogger widget! – a floating blogger drop down navigation menu with submenus and also it is fully Responsive, Mobile Friendly, Animated, and has subpages. It hides when you scroll down and shows itself when you scroll up. I modified this simple blogger dropdown menu widget for my premium theme “Opad Blogger Template” but I […]

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    How To Install Latest Floating Blogger Label Widget

    Developing new bloggers widgets has been one of my goals this year. Today, I bring you a cool floating label widget for blogger blog. This widget lets you show your blog labels as blog topics to your readers. Instead of filling your blog sidebar with widgets, you can simply enable this floating blogger label widget […]

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    Simple Blogger Related Posts Widget With Thumbnail

    Having a mobile responsive related posts widget for a blogger blog is of great importance. Before now, every BlogSpot user would have to install LinkWithin related post widget but now we have a better alternative to LinkWithin which is a simple and stylish blogger related post widget with a thumbnail image. A related posts widget […]

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    PlainShare – Social Media Share Buttons For Blogger Blog

    It’s been a while since I last posted on bloggingprince.com, and I know many of my followers missed my juicy themes and widgets. PlainShare – Crafted and created with simplicity plus functionality in mind, social sharing is a great way to increase daily pageviews and having share buttons on each post is essential for a […]

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    Blogger Mobile Responsive Navigation Menu (Pure CSS, HTML and JavaScript)

    Default blogger navigation menu is not mobile friendly and whenever you want to build a mobile responsive blogger template, getting a responsive mobile menu is vital. While designing a template for a client, a need came for a flexible navigation menu. This menu is what I used to design my ObhiabaCyrack blogger template. The menu […]

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    3 Simple Ways To Add Font Awesome Icon CSS To Blogger Blog

    Learn 3 simple ways to add/use Font Awesome Icon CSS code in blogger BlogSpot blog without affecting page loading speed, doing it the right way, will increase your blog page loading spend and prevent Font Awesome script from acting as a rendering blocking CSS. Considering the fact that page speed has an effect on the […]

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    Blogger About Me Widget With Social Media Icons

    Blogging isn’t all about posting and SEO optimizing your template, at some point you have considered letting your readers know about you by adding an about me widget or author bio box to your blog. SEO Practices To Get Your Blog On Search Engines How To Make Blogspot Blog 100% SEO Friendly It gets better […]