• Google URL shortener (goo.gl)

    Google to Shut Down URL Shortener – 5 Best Goo.gl Alternatives

    Google to shut down Goo.gl (Google URL shortener) services in April. If you are using this services for link shortening here are the best 5 alternatives to move to ASAP.

  • Ultimate Guide To Improve SEO Using Google Search Console

    Ultimate Guide To Improve SEO Using Google Search Console

    So whats your plan? – To just keep on writing posts without actually knowing how well these posts are performing? – Well if that is the plan then you better don’t write at all, because at the end you are loosing out of a great traffic source due to poor optimization strategies. Monitoring how well […]

  • create blog like linda ikeji

    Want a Blog Like Linda Ikeji? 10 Things You Need To Know

    An average blogger earns $3.50 per day according to “Lifehacker” i.e around 1/196 of what Linda Ikeji earns! This stats will definitely increase in 2018 as more persons tend to use the web to search for information, latest happenings, celebrity gossip etc. The act of making money blogging may be a driving force to why […]

  • Google-AMP-pages

    Google AMP For WordPress & BlogSpot – Setup + All You Need To Know

    Google seems to have increased the ranking power of AMP pages. It’s NO news that Google prefers to show AMP pages over non-AMP pages because of their “Mobile Speed & friendliness Factor“. But Then it just got more than what we earlier thought. Accelerated Mobile Pages seem to have taken over 60% of search results […]

  • push notification

    How To Setup Free Browser Push Notifications For Blogger

    Learn How To Easily Setup Free Browser Push Notifications For Blogger Blogs Using PushEngage. Every now and then we as bloggers try to keep our visitors engaged and available when a new post, product, deal etc is being published. We try several means to get the job done. And often times we get redirected to […]

  • Blogging

    How To Easily Add The New AdSense In-Feed Ad Unit To Blogger

    Learn in Simple Steps, How To Easily Add The New Google AdSense In-Feed Ad Unit On Your Blogger BlogSpot Blog & Increase Your Earnings. Both beginners and advanced bloggers can get this setup done in few minutes. Google has announced a new ad unit style which is the In-Feed ads unit. The new Ad unit […]

  • Blogging

    How To Be Successful as a Music Blogger

    Own a music blog? hoping to get into the spotlight of successful music bloggers, Have seen the likes of TooXcluive, 360ng, NotJustOk etc. It all doesn’t just work out in a day, Today, I am going to show you a sure guide that will help you start a successful music blog while others are failing. […]

  • Blogging

    How To Drive 4X Human Traffic To Your Blogger Blog In No Time

    A few days ago Harsh Agrawal showed off his page views for June 2017 and his earnings. Many persons were shocked and someone even said it’s because he has been in the game for long, to an extent TRUE but when you look at it from another perspective it’s FALSE. Driving such huge traffic of […]

  • Blogging

    How To BackUp/Restore Your Blogger Template In 3 Simple Steps

    Updating your blogger template via the HTML editor always require backing up your Blogger template to avoid template crash due to parser errors and not just that to have a backup file in case you are unable to undo your HTML/CSS/JavaScript changes. I will show you how to get this done in just a few […]

  • Blogging

    Introducing BloggingPrince CSS Compression Tool – Speed Up Your Blog

    CSS Minifier is a tool used to minify or reduce the size of your raw CSS codes. Doing this will make your CSS code look neat and also will increase your blog loading speed. Using Google Inspect tool, it would always recommend minifying your CSS files in other to improve pagespeed. How It Works When […]