• Ultimate Guide To Improve SEO Using Google Search Console

    Ultimate Guide To Improve SEO Using Google Search Console

    So whats your plan? – To just keep on writing posts without actually knowing how well these posts are performing? – Well if that is the plan then you better don’t write at all, because at the end you are loosing out of a great traffic source due to poor optimization strategies. Monitoring how well […]

  • BlogSpot SEO Basics

    How to Boost SEO & SMO Rank With Brilliant Post Titles

    Learn How To Boost Your Post SEO Rank And SMO Traffic With These Brilliant Post Title Tips And Tricks. Every single day more than 10 blogs get established on your niche!. it’s a competition if you can’t survive the drift then you would lose out to your opponent. Today, I will be talking about post […]

  • BlogSpot SEO Basics

    The Ranking Power Of Post Images & How To Optimize For SEO.

    Today you’re going to learn the ultimate guide to ranking with images. What images actually do in search engines and also how to optimize images for SEO. BlogSpot is a platform that is not just free but it is also search engine optimized. What it takes to be at the top with blogger is you […]

  • BlogSpot SEO Basics

    13 Free Online Tools To Make Writing SEO & CTR Effective Meta Description A WalkThrough.

    A List Of Free Online Tools ¬†For Writing SEO, CTR & SERP Effective Meta Description For Your Blog & Easily Boost Your Social/Search Traffic. Finally, It’s the third post in my “BlogSpot SEO for beginners“ tutorial series and it has been very interesting for me. Having to cover a lot of hidden facts about “Meta […]

  • BlogSpot SEO Basics

    #10 Meta Description Tips For Better Search/Social CTR & SEO

    Learn #10 Tips On How To Better Increase Search/Social Click-Through Rate (CTR) Using SEO friendly Meta Description For Blogs. Enabling the meta description doesn’t guarantee you success over your competitors but optimising your meta description has the potential power to do so. I got that line from the first article on my “Blogspot SEO basics […]

  • BlogSpot SEO Basics

    How To Add SEO Friendly Meta Description Tag To Blogger Blog

    Adding meta description to your blogger blog has the potential of boosting SEO. Often times we neglect these basic Search Engine Optimization practices, not knowing these foundational settings, are actually what matters most when it comes to on page SEO. Today, We are going to learn how to add meta description to your blogger blog […]

  • SEO

    5 HTTPS Mistakes That Could Make Your Blogger Blog Varnish (Totally De-Indexed)

    Recently wrote an article on how to enable FREE HTTPS on your Blogspot blog with a custom domain and many persons were afraid to enable it. Some persons did it in Blogspot and most of them attained success on it but meanwhile, I was busying experimenting and I know you would probably wonder I why […]

  • SEO

    SEO Importance of rel=’canonical’ And How To Use In BlogSpot

    Google and Other search engines have always wanted you to able to rank your quality contents without having blogs with copied contents with numerous backlinks on your way. One of the major reasons why blogs fall in rank is Duplicated Content. This has affected many blogs and may be affecting you as well. – This […]

  • Blogging

    How To Quickly Index Your BlogSpot HTTPS Pages

    A few days ago, I published for you a complete guide to enable free HTTPS (SSL) certificate on your blogger with a custom domain name.  There was a little problem which was that there would be a drop in traffic for that period because Google would have to crawl your blog again before your new […]

  • SEO

    13 Free How to Ways to Increase BlogSpot Mobile SEO

    Not getting enough traffic from mobile visitors? or not getting traffic at all?. Bloggers need traffic to grow, we need to see people reading our blog posts and leaving impressive comments but all these don’t seem possible with just writing good posts. You also need to optimize our blog for search engines. SEO has always […]