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    How To Be Successful as a Music Blogger

    Own a music blog? hoping to get into the spotlight of successful music bloggers, Have seen the likes of TooXcluive, 360ng, NotJustOk etc. It all doesn’t just work out in a day, Today, I am going to show you a sure guide that will help you start a successful music blog while others are failing. […]

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    Quick & Easy Solution To Disqus Comments Not Showing In Blogger Mobile View

    is your Disqus comment box not showing on your phone? but working well on your laptop. And I know you are probably feeling as if you did something wrong when installing Disqus on your blogger blog. Well, you have not done anything wrong. Disqus doesn’t show on blogger default mobile template unless you make it. […]

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    How To BackUp/Restore Your Blogger Template In 3 Simple Steps

    Updating your blogger template via the HTML editor always require backing up your Blogger template to avoid template crash due to parser errors and not just that to have a backup file in case you are unable to undo your HTML/CSS/JavaScript changes. I will show you how to get this done in just a few […]

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    How To Add Advanced Disqus Comments To Your Blogger Blog

    Disqus comments is a more advanced commenting system with better functions than the native blogger comment system. Over time many commenting systems have gained their ground into the blogging world but Disqus remains the best and most used. I often see bloggers comparing between Disqus comments, Facebook comments and Lyfe fire and Disqus always seems […]

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    Test Your Blog Mobile Friendliness, Speed Using Google Text My Site

    Text My Site is a free tool provided by Google that lets you run a quick test of your blog’s performance in terms of Mobile Friendliness, Mobile Speed and also desktop speed. As we know these three factors are important SEO ranking factors for blogs. To test your website, visit https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com insert your blog URL into […]

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    Speed Up Blogger – How To Easily Lazy Load YouTube Videos

    Nearly every post now contains a YouTube video. YouTube is one of the largest sources of videos, videos which could be tutorial videos, latest music video or even a movie thriller. This makes embedding videos on a blog easy But then embedding YouTube videos kills the speed of your blog!. When you embed a YouTube […]

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    How To Show Only Post Title In Blogger Mobile Template

    You can customize the look of the custom blogger mobile template just the same way you would edit the desktop view. Customizing the mobile look of post titles in Blogger template will only take a few lines of CSS. What we are going to do is hide every other element showing up with the post […]

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    How To Upload Songs (MP3 Files) On A Blogger Blog With Download Button

    Uploading downloadable mp3 or music files is not directly possible in the blogger platform, but using Google sites, you can upload songs to a blogger blog with a download button for free without having to pay for extra hosting. With Google Sites, a BlogSpot music blogger can upload media files such mp3, songs etc. online […]

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    Jumia Mobile Week 2017 – Race For Deals – Amazing Phones At Takeaway Price

    The wait is finally over. It’s time to get a new phone at the cheapest deal rate. If you want to get a new phone as a blogger, don’t forget to go for those with fast internet speed and hotspot connectivity!. ⏩  Skip Post and Hurry to Jumia Mobile WEEK – Nigerians!. ⏩  Skip Post and […]

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    Fixed: DNS Error While Resolving Host Name

    Over the past few days, my blog (www.obhiabablog.com.ng) was offline with the error “DNS Error While Resolving Host Name” Now it has been fixed and I apologize for any inconvenience and as a way of rendering my apology I will brief you on what led to that error and how to fix it. DNS Error […]