Top 10 Cheapest Shared Web Hosting Solutions For 2018

Having a good web host is one important aspect of blogging and getting it cheap is even better. In this post, we are going to check out the top 10 cheap shared web hosting solution for 2018.

What is shared web hosting

Web hosting is really expensive but shared web hosting makes it cheap. A shared web hosting is a system which manages several websites on one single server.

Now, let’s see it like this. Having a shared hosting is equal to you being a tenant renting just an apartment instead of buying a complete house.

Users using shared hosting plans normally share the same site IP address, resources and sometimes have a little slow down in page speed due to several websites being served from a single server.

Pagespeed is the common problem faced by users on shared website hosting but sometimes the effect is not felt and this all depends on the quality of the web host you chose.

Let’s get started.

Top 10 Cheap Shared Web Hosting For 2018

Now, we will go ahead and review the cheapest shared web hosting solutions for 2018. But place into consideration that while researching, I carefully lined them up based on price, features, and plans.

1. Namecheap – Starting at $9.88/year

Namecheap offers one of the best shared hosting plans for beginners and wannabe bloggers. Its Value plan is currently the cheapest solution you will get in 2018.

With $9.88/year, Namecheap provides you with a hosting package that serves unmetered bandwidth, 3 website space, etc.

But Namecheap renewal price is different from its initial pricing, The Value package has a renewal price of $38.88/year also quite considerable.

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2. Whogohost – Starting at N4000/year

Whogohost is a Nigerian based website hosting company and it’s WordPress hosting pricing is really affordable, Though it doesn’t offer unmetered bandwidth like it’s alternatives.

It’s Aspire plans start at 400/month i.e N4800/year but it offers it at 4000/year, giving you free 2months. Whogohost aspire plan is mainly for starters with low traffic.

While it’s Pro plan priced at N8,500/year should serve a bigger blog with high traffic well. Features include 6GB web space, 25GB bandwidth, free .ng domain name, 15 subdomains, unlimited Emails, unlimited SQL database and lot more.

Buy Whogohost for just N4000/year

3. Ipage – Starting at $1.99/month

Shared hosting starting at $1.99/month cheap or not? such an offer is offered by Ipage. Its features include a free domain name, $500 gift credit ($100 google AdWords credits, $100 bing credits), free website building tools, free security tools etc.

What does Ipage server hold? – Unlimited disk space, scalable bandwidth, unlimited MySQL database, unlimited domains (i.e websites) etc. All for as low as $1.99/month.

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4. HostGator Cloud hosting – starting at $4.95/month


hostgator wordpress hosting

Hostgator cloud shared hosting is a good start for beginners and business owners. With its Hatchling Cloud starting at $4.95/month Hostgator stands a chance as one of the cheapest web hosting companies.

Hostgator baby plan is even better, offers unlimited domains, unmetered bandwidth and one-click install of any software such as WordPress. and it’s just $5.95/month.

Also, Hostgator is offering a 40% offer which you can grab below.

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5. Hostinger – Starting at 0.88/month

Hostinger is one awesome hosting company that offer cheap web hosting at a very affordable rate and all its plans are considerable.

Its premium web hosting plan is my current favorite with everything almost unlimited. An unlimited number of websites, SSD disk space, bandwidth, Email accounts etc.

And it also promises a 2x WordPress optimized speed with a free domain attached to it.

Hostinger is offering a 90% offer for its plans. You can get a premium web hosting plan for $0.88/month instead of $8.84/month.

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6. BlueHost – Starting at $2.95/month

Bluehost hosting packages are really cool and checking out its reviews, it stands as a good shared web hosting solution for 2018. I would personally use them sometime soon but for now, I have only tested it out as my brother’s host.

Its Basic plan starts at $2.95/month and offers 1 website, 50GB website space, unmetered bandwidth, 1 free domain, 25 subdomains, free site builders etc.

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7. Garanntor – Starting at N125/month

Despite not being very big among the web hosting companies, Garanntor offers very cheap web hosting for businesses and beginners.

Garanntor is a Nigerian hosting and domain registration company with very cheap and affordable plans. It’s smallest plans is offered at
N125/month with 500MB Disk Space, 1 GB bandwidth, 3 emails, 1 database, free SSL certificate and just one domain allowed.

If such plan is too small cause it’s really small you can get a bigger plan for N500/month with 5GD disk space, 50 GB bandwidth, unlimited email, free domain name, free SSL certificate, and unlimited database.

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8. Godaddy – Starting at €2.99/month

godaddy shared hosting

Guess you already heard of GoDaddy hosting plans, well it is listed as one of the cheapest web hosting solutions for 2018. Godaddy Economy plan is offered for as low as €2.99/month.

With the Economy plan, you get 1 website, unmetered bandwidth, 100 GB storage, Free Microsoft Office 365 Business Email – 1st year
Free domain, and a New – PHP 7.0, 7.1.

Its renewal price is £5.99/month but for now, you can get Godaddy 50% discount which makes it just $2.99/month instead.

9. InMotion – Starting at $2.95/month

InMotion is a good website hosting company that provides good shared web hosting solutions and it made it into our 2018 list of cheap hosting because of it’s Business Hosting that starts at $2.95/month.

Its renewal price is $6.99/month which means you get a whopping 57% discount for the first year. This package comes with Unlimited disk space & bandwidth, Unlimited email accounts, Free SSL, FREE Domain, 2 Websites etc

10. DomainKing – Starting at N300/month

Domainking is another really good web hosting company with very low pricing. Its Soldier plan is priced at N10,800 for 3years which is actually a 20% off offer.

It’s hosting have an unlimited listed of features including a free .com or domain, 2GB space, free SSL, host 2 websites and an unlimited bandwidth.

Domainking is a very good hosting company and I have seen many bloggers speaking good of it.

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What to consider when a purchasing a shared website hosting plan?

When launching out to find a good web host, there are a few things you should place into consideration. These things will help you choose a good package.

  • Bandwidth: This decides how much visitors can visit your site in a day. If you purchase a hosting plan with low bandwidth space, then you are going to have a serious problem when you get traffic spikes.
  • Disk Space: Your files are going to be uploaded to your server, and the disk space decides how many files you can upload. If you exceed your disk space, you would have to upgrade it.
  • Renewal price: Many web hosts offer very cheap start-up price even up to $0.88/month but when it’s time for renewal, the price is suddenly tripled.
  • Server speed: In shared website hosting, several sites share same resources and are served from one server. You should be careful of how fast your server loads to avoid having a site with poor loading speed.
  • The number of websites: If you wish to use multisite or want to host more than one site on your server then your site number to offer the ability to create more than one site.

Final Verdict

There are numerous web hosting companies with various plans, some are extremely cheap with good features also while some others are cheap but don’t offer good features.

Deciding which host is best for you, requires balancing the equation between pricing and features and that I have done in this post. If you have any questions or recommendations just post it below.

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