Download Blogging Prince Blogger Template V1

Just as I promised, I would give out blogging prince blogger template V1 on my birthday. And Today is my birthday. I gave everyone 3 days to subscribe and get the template.


But many persons still have not subscribed. I will be sending out this template to everyone on my list at exactly 7 pm this evening. This delay is to enable those who have not subscribed to subscribe.

I will sell this template out to those who don’t subscribe before the supposed time.

Template Usage Policy

Before sending you this template, you will have to agree to the below terms and conditions. Please if you can’t obey these conditions please don’t subscribe.

  1. You will not remove the credit link at the footer leading to my blog.
  2. You will not remove the “template designed by blogging prince”.
  3. You will not give or sell this template out to anyone else.
  4. Even when you style this template, you will not remove my credits.
  5. In case you republish on your blog, you must leave these credits.
These are the few policies guiding the download and usage of this template. I made these policies because it took me weeks/months to come out with this template and you removing these credits means you have turned my weeks/months of labour to yours.
Creating templates is not easy and I first have to think of a design before I implement it. It is not easy at all. Sometimes I spend a whole day on my laptop designing even persons around me would be complaining.
All these I do to give your blog a good look, And removing this credit is you being wicked to me and not appreciating my efforts.
I hope you understand why these policies were made. Thanks as you anticipate for this SEO packed blogger template. You will receive it in your mailbox by 7 pm today. 
If you still have not subscribed please do so. You still have a few hours till the template will be sent out free for everyone. Thanks 
and Happy Birthday to me!.

Not on the list? Subscribe here to get the template

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  1. here i am for the stuff, i mean template

  2. Am sorry I wasnt able to thank you properly for d template bro. Been off 4 a while. Thanks @ much, you are the best
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  3. I am a new blogger. Need this blogger template.

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