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OgbongeBlog template

Finally, I round-up the entire OgbongeBlog blogger template series with the free version of the blog template which is both responsive, fast loading and awesome. If you love the actual blog by Jide then getting to love this theme will be real easy and quick  (love at first sight).

I found Ogbonge blog template professional and elegant. It will fit perfectly into any niche. From the daily gossipers up to the technology bloggers, fashion, and music lovers. Name it? its great and you will love it.

For bloggers and theme designers who have been following the tutorial series, am sure your test blog will look more like this if not better but don’t fail to let me check out what you have designed so far even as you download this free template that comes with  MBT Jumbo share button with counter.

Template Features

  1. Home and Archive page read more buttons with thumbnail and snippet
  2. Jumbo share buttons with counter 
  3.  Responsive layout 
  4.  Mobile Friendly 
  5.  Fast and Neatly coded 
  6.  Fully customizable 
  7.  No External scripts 
  8.  Right Sidebar with 3 layout footer

What is Not Here

  1. Advanced SEO 
  2.  Facebook Comment Box 
  3.  Twitter Cards 
  4.  Facebook Open Graph 
  5.  Social Media Links 
  6.  Recent and Random Post

How To Upload Blogger Template

Download the free or premium version and save the file to your computer (Advised). Visit your blogger blog dashboard and select the blog you wish to use.

Step 1

Locate the “Template tab” (now Theme) and click on it.

Step 2

Locate ‘Backup / Restore‘ at the top on the right side and click on it.

Step 3

Click on ‘choose a file‘ and select the XML of the free template you downloaded earlier and hit enter. Let it load and upload.

Step 4

Now click close and locate the gear icon shown below the mobile view. Click on it and select  ‘Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices‘.

Step 5

Scroll down and choose ‘Custom‘ and hit save. Now visit your blog both on mobile and laptop, it should look nice.

Final Words

I have provided this template for you for free and also have plans to create an eBook. But before you can download this template, which is locked with content locker, you need to subscribe to this blog and share this post to your social media profiles as shown in the widget lock.

Thanks for visiting this blog and also using this template. More free and premium templates to be published soon, if you want to remove the credits at the bottom of the Ogbonge Blogger template, simply purchase the premium version by sending me an email here

Download OgbongeBlog Blogger Template below

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    Make money.
    No dull ur self

  3. My phone number is 09039764748
    Ur blog is perfect.

  4. Pls how do u usually convert an image to url?

    Like how u did to ur Blog name background.

  5. i write a post on it

  6. I love your Blogging style.

  7. Your STATIC PAGE is missed ..Why?
    No footer widgets ,

  8. soo great i have created something like that and will wish to go further through your striking tutorials here is mine

  9. soo great i have created something like that and will wish to go further through your striking tutorials here is mine

  10. Bravo..just checked your theme and its nice.. I will continue with the tutorial and will also create an ebook

  11. I have fixed the issue now.

  12. He template is faulty….
    It's not displaying author bio box below the posts…
    I have tried to add it but still it's not showing…

    Pls help

  13. I mean the Default author bio widget…

    Itz not showing at all

    I have tried activating it through LAYOUT post body

    HTML of the template…

    It's still not showing..

  14. is not downloading it for me, i tried download it but it is displaying error, 404, pls help me

  15. Yes i know. I encrypted the download, it only allows just 10 downloads. To download it, subscribe via the email boxes, and send me a mail at [email protected]

  16. Mr obhiaba…
    U don find solution to d problem?

  17. Emmanuel.. I will fix it and upload it for download. For now make use of this one. By tomorrow the post should be updated

  18. Hello.. Just check the test blog you will see an author box displaying.

  19. Okay…sir
    I appreciate

  20. bro tthanks alot i have subscribe to newsfeed i love this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    check my blog

  21. bro tthanks alot i have subscribe to newsfeed i love this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    check my blog

  22. thanks for this post, i love ogbonges template and i will like to use it on my blog

  23. You are most Welcomed.. feel free to contact me for help.

  24. great [ost but ehy my read more botton is not working please

  25. Ehi am really sorry your template is given problems.. I will update the template codes very soon.

  26. Nice one bro….keep it up

  27. nice post

  28. wow, this is good, thanks bro

  29. Thanks so much for this. i blog at CALTRENDS.COM.NG

  30. please update preview link

  31. That has been done. Thanks for letting me know. (y)

  32. Nice post here. I love these theme because it is optimised for Search engines

  33. Anonymous says:

    Can you please design the latest version of Ogbongeblog theme?

    Tri Templates

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