How To Find Free Trending Keywords Without Using Paid Research Tools

Good day friend, In today’s post I am going to show you a simple and free method to find free trending keywords without using any paid keyword research tools.

free trending keywords

Finding the right keyword to use for a blog post, would have been so much easier If the available tools were not too expensive.

But then, what has a blogger who needs to rank got to do?

Find a solution!!

Before I show you this simple method to find free trending keywords, let me explain a bit about keyword research.

Is keyword research worth it?

Search engines are the biggest source of organic traffic, This makes everything blogger happy

But then the sad news is actually getting the traffic

Because most times bigger sites are already sitting at the top and taking all the visitors for search queries.

So how can you also tap from this same source?

Keyword research.

What this simply means is finding the right “words, phrases” you can easily rank for

Based on “Competition, CPC, and Monthly traffic stat”.

So instead of dragging the competitive keywords with the big sites

You can easily rank for less competitive keywords and get even more traffic

And sometimes better earnings I.e if you also checked for CPC.

With all that said, Let’s get started.

We are going to make use of 3 different free keyword research tools,

Which are “Google search, LSIGraph, and Adwords keyword planner”

Each will perform the functions below

  • Google related search – find free trending keywords
  • LSI Graph – find long tail keywords of the first keywords
  • Adword Keyword planner – check keywords for “competition, CPC, and monthly traffic”

what are we waiting for? – let’s get started already.

Step #1 – Using Google Search To find Keywords.

Google is an amazing browser for both webmasters and casual users.

In other to serve users well, Google provide certain tools,
One of these tools is “Google related search ”

Which is more like a “related post section” always displayed at the bottom of any search result.

This is a huge resource for free trending keywords to rank for.

Let’s get right into it. keywords

  • Visit and type in your main keyword e.g fashion blogging
  • Scroll to the bottom

google related result

  • You would find related searches.

One good thing about these keywords is that they are long tail keywords, which at first qualifies it as being easy to rank for.

Now copy all of these “keywords into your notepad”.

Step #2 Find related long tail keywords with LSI

LSI (Latent semantic indexing) is a very powerful tool and it’s free too…

What the tool does is, curate trending search Results and display the most related results to your keywords.

Just like the Google result related search, only that it displays more free trending keywords.

With the LSI keyword tool, you can easily find long tail keywords related to your initial keywords found using the Google related search or any other tool.

Let’s see how it works. Ever since Google’s Hummingbird update, a large percentage of search results have been based on this format which acts like…

If a post contains Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Then this post is talking about “social media”. Therefore Google will not only rank such post for the “social media keyword” but for other keywords found in the post.

Therefore with results from LSI keyword tool injected into your blog post,

Such post gets to rank for other long tail keywords related to that which you are targeting.

How to use LSI tool

The LSI too is free to use, and here is how to find related keywords with the LSI tool

lsi graph research tool

  • Input your keywords

lsi graph results

  • And your related keywords will be displayed.

That’s all for LSI graph keyword tool, if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section.

Next free keyword tool is “Google Keyword Planner”

Step #3 – find keywords with low competition and high CPC with Google keyword planner

The dream of every blogger is to write a well-detailed article and get ranked easily without having to go through more stress to rank.

And that’s why keyword targeting is considered by all.

In other to find low competition keywords with high traffic and CPC. To do this, there are a lot of paid tools you can use but in this tutorial, we are going to be making use of a free alternative keyword research tool

Which is “Google Keyword Planner”.

Initially, this tool is made for marketers who advertise products on Adwords But then SEO experts have also learned to tap in and make proper use of it.

How to use keyword planner to find love competition keywords

find trending keywords

  • Select “Find Keywords” >> Input your keywords or website

keywords with low competion and high cpc

  • The image above shows various keywords and you can see the highlighted keyword “free blogger themes”.

It has a low range bid of $2.53 and a high range bid of $7.37. With such keywords on your page, you get an increased CPC

and better still it has low competition and a manageable traffic (100 – 1k) monthly.

Rounding up…

That is how easy it is to find free trending keywords using free tools. These tools are very important if ever you want to earn big from Google Adsense

while driving huge traffic from Google search. Some other cool tool you might want to check out is

  1. Semrush
  2. Google trends

and don’t forget to check out my previous on keywords and search engine optimization.

Feel free to leave a comment below and I will respond to your request.

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