Google AdSense Insufficient Content – 10 Killer Solutions

Today, I am going to show you the best solutions to Google Adsense insufficient content error resulting to blog application disapproval.

Google AdSense Insufficient Content solution

As a blogger that wants to make money, you either go for affiliate marketing or Google Adsense but unfortunately, none of these processes is quite easy.

A few years back, Google Adsense was the best choice to make money online but nowadays it’s strict policies have made getting approval a super hard task for bloggers

One of these rules is “insufficient content”.

Generally, we all believe Google expects bloggers to have enough content before applying but then is it really so?

You can have up to 120 blog posts and still, you won’t get approved to show Adsense.

That leads us to try to understand what Google actually meant when they said “insufficient content”

Google Adsense insufficient content meaning?

Months ago when my site was yet to be approved to show Adsense after over 13 applications, I started searching for solutions and I happen to meet this on the Adsense blog

If a site is found to have insufficient content, this means that the site may not have enough text, and/or the site was deemed to be “under construction.”

To be approved for AdSense and show relevant ads on your site, your pages need to have enough text on them for our specialists to review and for our crawler to be able to determine what your pages are about.

Sites that contain mostly images, videos or Flash animations may not be approved. Additionally, sites that consist only of a site template and very little content may not be approved.

Though the above explanation doesn’t quite solve the whole problem, it gives us a clue of what Google Adsense insufficient content means and how to go about the solution.

Let’s go ahead and find the solution…

1. Word Count Per Post

Google Adsense has already made us understand, that users who have little or no text on their website will not be approved.

Which therefore mean, your blog posts should contain more text and not pure images.

How to fix this?

At this point, you need to consider the number of words you have per post. On average an optimized post have nothing less than 300 words

adsense word count
Credit: NeilPatel

But if you wish to solve Google Adsense insufficient content and get approved to show Adsense, I recommend you keep your blog post word count to a minimum of 800 words.

It can be lower, but keeping it at this length comes with a higher chance of getting approved.

2. Number of blog posts

Now, we still face a problem of deciding the number of posts a blog should have before applying for Google Adsense, so as not to get your site have insufficient content message.

And the answer is yet unresolved but then my suggestion remains that you should have a minimum of 30 blog posts obeying rule one of this post.

Many other bloggers have gotten approval with about 15 blog posts but then there are also bloggers with 150 blog posts but still no approval.

So 30 quality blog post is a fair try.

3. Limit Use of Image and Flash object

Google Adsense is not against the use of images or videos but for the purpose of having enough content on your site, it is recommended that you limit the number of images you use per post.

For a post that has roughly 800 words, using a maximum of 3 images is enough instead of stuffing the whole page with images and YouTube videos.

Keep the images limited and do make sure every post contains at least one image.

These images should also be well optimized for SEO and most importantly should not be copied images. If copied do give credit to the source.

4. Complete site design

I was once penalized for this.

Keep your site in order before applying for Google Adsense else you will get the insufficient content message.

A website is expected to be

  • Responsive
  • Well color tuned
  • Have Proper navigation

If any of these properties are missing then you might face Google Adsense insufficient content rejection.

Apart from that,

Note: do not for any reason edit or design your blog after applying for Google Adsense. Do not change the theme, add a widget or change a widget

Else google crawlers will mark your site “under construction” which will result in you getting disapproved for insufficient content rejection.

Keep all design and changes at least a day before applying for Google Adsense.

5. Effective use of label, category & tags

If you are one of them that randomly use labels and categories the way you please, you are going to have a problem with getting Adsense approval.

Why is that?

Google Adsense make use of crawlers for page testing, these crawlers are robots that work with predefined values which are inputted by its creators.

Now when you use labels and categories, Google crawlers will search through all pages including the tags and label pages, if a tag has not enough post,

It will result to that page having not enough text content which triggers Google Adsense crawlers to mark your site for insufficient content.

How to solve it?

The best solution is to use a few categories, labels and tags and to ensure each of them has a minimum of 5 posts showing each.

6. Number of Post per page

Just as I have explained with the categories and labels, each page on your blog/website including the homepage should have nothing less than 5 posts displaying.

Else that page will be marked for insufficient content which will lead to your blog’s application disapproval.

7. Apply keyword targeting.

One of the reasons Google Adsense disapprove sites without enough text is because of keywords.

According to how the program works, Google Adsense search for keywords on your site so as to be able to display relevant ads to your users.

Now if your site doesn’t have quality keywords then Google Adsense finds it hard to approve your site.

So I recommend you start practicing Keywords targeting this will make your site rich in keywords to Google Adsense and getting approval will be super easy.

After getting about 13 disapprovals, Google Adsense emailed me to reapply after I started practicing keyword targeting.

google adsense resumit application

You don’t need to spend much, tools like Keyword planner will do the work for you.

8. Enough text in your About & Policy pages

The about and policy pages are very important sections of your blog and Google expects you to have enough content there.

In other to get approved, you should keep the text-based content on the about and policy pages to a minimum of 400 words.

9. Display snippet in home & archive pages

Some templates are not well optimized to get Google Adsense approval.

Why so?

Most theme designers, display only post title and thumbnail on home & archive pages as shown below

goodness blogger template grid version edited

Meanwhile, they should add the snippet also to it as shown below

goodness blogger template grid version
goodness blogger template grid version

The reason this is important is that when you include the snippets Google crawlers will find more text-based contents.

I recommend you purchase Goodness Blogger template, it is properly optimized for Google Adsense with snippets and good navigation.

10. Do not copy blog posts

I saved this for the last because nearly every blog writing on this topic have written about copied posts.

Just know, if you follow the 9 rules above and end up copying blog contents your site will never get approved.

You will keep on getting the same google Adsense insufficient content rejection because Adsense will never accept such a blog.

I advise you delete any copied blog post on your blog and start writing fresh content before you apply for Google Adsense.

Rounding up…

To sum it all up, Google Adsense is a very good platform to earn money and if you are yet to get approved,

there could be so many reasons why, it could be google adsense insufficient content, duplicate email, domain not old enough etc.

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