Google AMP For WordPress & BlogSpot – Setup + All You Need To Know

Google seems to have increased the ranking power of AMP pages. It’s NO news that Google prefers to show AMP pages over non-AMP pages because of their “Mobile Speed & friendliness Factor“.

But Then it just got more than what we earlier thought. Accelerated Mobile Pages seem to have taken over 60% of search results displaying news/trending articles.


To verify this, I had to make some research by searching for trending Keywords such as “Nigeria New Jersey”, “Donald Trump” etc and nearly all top pages displayed were Accelerated mobile pages, this could be as a result of big sites moving to AMP or a verification that Google has indeed added more ranking power to sites with AMP validated.

Let’s try to understand Accelerated Mobile Pages better.

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP is short for “Google Accelerated Mobile Pages”, It’s a project Google started in 2017, to enhance the speed and web friendliness mobile phone users get when they browse through pages.

Most Website designers, design blogs/websites with mainly laptop users in mind, not remembering the fact that mobile devices are now much in the market and lot of persons now make use of it.

But then a mobile device is not same as laptop device, Laptops have better processors, page caching mechanism, page download speed etc,

Therefore serving the same bulk of CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Jquery etc to both a laptop device and a mobile device will result to slow loading of page content.

Resulting in a poor browsing experience for the user. This is why Google started the Accelerated Mobile Pages project to reduce the number of files offered to mobile devices and attaining a high-speed browsing experience for mobile users.

This project has thus far been a success because of top news sites such as ShoutMeLoud, Vox Media etc have moved it.

This then leads us to the concept of AMP Pages.

What is a Google AMP Page?

A google AMP page is any page on the web that has been optimized and validated using the Accelerated Mobile Page validator tool and has passed all the rules required.

Such a page is expected to load in milli-seconds on mobile browsers.

AMP pages can as well be compared to Facebook Instant Articles but then it’s Google’s version of it. AMP pages are often recognized by the speed bolt sign inside a blue background as seen below.

Google Search Results with AMP Pages

These pages only contain strickly optimized version of HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts provided by Google AMP project which can also be referred to as AMP components.

What are AMP Components?

These are minified version of normal web languages provided by Google to optimize mobile pages. These components load faster and smarter than their counterparts.

The commonly used components include the

  • AMP JavaScript (which is a must use)
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML (standard HTML though)
  • AMP Images
  • Optimized AMP Ads etc.

These are the widely used components and you can visit AMPByExample for a full list of all components and how to make use of them.

Who Should Use Google Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Accelerated Mobile Pages were created for all webmasters but then it has more importance to some than others.

I have a News Site – Should I Use AMP?

If you manage a website with a daily publication schedule such as news sites, entertainment sites, music site (check out: How To Be Successful as a Music Blogger)  etc, you must probably be wondering whether to use AMP or not.

Let’s take a research and see if Accelerated mobile pages are good for instant publication websites.

Top Websites Using AMP

  • Pinterest
  • ShoutMeLoud
  • TheGuardian
  • CNN
  • The Independent UK

Top Websites Using Google AMP in Nigeria

  1. VanguardNG
  2. PunchNG
  3. CompleteSportsNigeria
  4. Daily Post
  5. Premium Times NG
  6. BellaNaija
  7. InformationNG
  8. Naij

And many more websites but this list is enough to show you that lot of websites have moved to Google AMP and already enjoying the benefits Google promised during the launching of Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Supposed Benefits Of Using Accelerated Mobile Pages on your Blog.

During the launch of AMP pages, Google promised some benefits it would bring to those using it. These benefits are the driving points and the reason why many persons such as the ones listed above decided to move to AMP.

Benefits of AMP

  1. Increased Blog Traffic
  2. Better Earnings
  3. Improved Mobile Experience
  4. Reduced Bounce Rate
  5. Getting Featured in AMP carousel
  6. Better SEO.

1. Increased Blog Traffic

Accelerated Mobile pages were expected to grow the pageviews (traffic) of anyone who uses it. Increased traffic acted as one of the selling points of AMP pages, News sites ran to it by just hearing of views.

Did AMP page really grow traffic? – Yes, it did. If it didn’t then most sites would have moved back by now.

2. Better Earnings

Use AMP and your earnings from mobile devices should increase! does this really work out?.

Sites who took into the early adoption of Accelerated Mobile pages such as The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, CNN, the New York Times, Guardian, and Vox Media, complained of facing low earnings.

But then, If it increases the pageviews of a site, how does it then manage to reduce earnings?.

3. Improved Mobile Experience

A fast loading site with less bug and non-important fancy widgets should provide a better mobile experience.

AMP pages actually take seconds to load, And I on a personal choice, I prefer clicking on AMP pages, why? because I definitely expect to meet a fast loading site with less bug and distractions.

4. Reduced Bounce Rate

Google analysis shows that most sites with slow loading pages have higher bounce rates probably because internet users are really not willing to wait for long seconds just to view the page content.

Moving to AMP promises to bring an end to this. A first loading blog with high user experience should positively impact on the bounce rate of your WordPress or BlogSpot Blog

5. Getting Featured in AMP carousel

Google revealed the AMP carousel as a way of making the news easier for searchers to find. Getting featured in the carousel can spike up your traffic for a particular search query.

Google AMP Carousel

Just like normal carousels found in blogs, the Google AMP carousel displays the title of your post (as the headline), website name, post thumbnail, date/time of publication, and the AMP icon.

AMP carousel appears at the very top of search results and can sometimes be the very item visitors get to see.

6. Better SEO.

Fast loading + Low Bounce Rate + Increased User Experience = Increased SEO.

Yes. AMP should increase your Search Engine ranking a bit. Why? Google has always talked about fast pages being preferred over slow pages.

And also user experience has been part of Google ranking algorithm, these AMP pages provide for you.

Therefore AMP for BlogSpot and WordPress blogs should definitely increase the SEO on mobile devices for any blogger who set it up.

Did AMP fulfill these benefits?

This leaves everyone wondering if Google Accelerated Mobile Pages really fulfilled all these benefits. Do I get to enjoy increased earnings, traffic and mobile experience when I move to AMP?.


Accelerated Mobile pages have really improved the speed of websites on mobile devices, provided a better website framework, actual reduction in bounce rate, should provide better earnings.

Is AMP good for you?

Anything that brings better traffic, customers, earnings and user experience is good for you and so is AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Pages have been most especially good for news and entertainment bloggers. Displaying your content in the AMP carousel boost pageviews from search engines.

But then not everyone has been seen using AMP, aside from ShoutMeloud, no other big site of such category has opted in for AMP pages. Was expecting to see top sites like Neil Patel, BackLinko, CopyBlogger, etc move to Accelerated Mobile Pages but none of them have done so.

Could this be that Accelerated Mobile Page is better for news, music and entertainment sites?. This should be one of your consideration.

Aside from your article niche, your blog platform also matters a lot. It is easy to get AMP setup in WordPress but what about Blogspot?

Will Setting Up AMP on BlogSpot Break Your Theme?

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of said moving to Accelerated Mobile Pages on blogger is unofficial and will break your theme at some point in his “Accelerated Mobile Pages Blogger Templates – Advantages Vs. Disadvantages” article – How true is this?

Yes. Blogger team have not released official themes with AMP installed but then will doing it yourself break your theme?.

For many bloggers which I know on the blogger platform, who have moved to Accelerated Mobile pages, none have actually complained of AMP breaking any of their pages.

A few months ago, early 2017, I moved to AMP by creating an AMP validated blogger template for my blogspot blog and it worked seamlessly well.

In a few days, Google started using the AMP icon on all my pages which I hard coded to AMP and I really did get a boost on my traffic. So will AMP break your blogspot site? – NO.

How To Easily Setup AMP on BlogSpot Blog

BlogSpot is a platform owned and managed by the search giant Google and every webmaster expects google to provide the best for its platform. Yes, they have tried by providing HTTPS for custom and non-custom domain blogs but yet we expected the team to provide Accelerated Mobile pages since Google encourages the usage.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enable AMP on blogger, it’s actually easy and many blogspot bloggers already practice it.

Step 1 – Download/Purchase AMP Theme

There are numerous places online to get a free or premium AMP blogger template, you can try searching by using this keyword “blogger amp template”

Step 2 – Learn About Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP pages require more effort than normal blog pages, it requires proper understanding of the components such as AMP Ads, Images, YouTube etc. A good place to learn about this is the Learn AMP by Example page.

Step 3. – Understand AMP validation

The Accelerated Mobile Pages validation tool is a tool provided by the team behind AMP Project to test and verify AMP pages. Any page that doesn’t follow the proper rules created will not be validated true and won’t be indexed as an AMP page by Google.

So it is good you understand the tool, learn to use it on all your pages.

Step 4. – Monitor Your Accelerated Mobile pages Using Google Search Console.

As Google starts indexing your AMP pages, you need to start monitoring how well such pages are being indexed. This you can do using the Google search console.

How To Easily Setup AMP on WordPress Blog

WordPress, Unlike BlogSpot, has a better option of enabling AMP pages. In few minutes you should be able to enable Accelerated Mobile P without changing your theme or affecting the look of your pages on laptop devices.

Step 1. – Download & Install AMP Plugin For WordPress

AMP plugin for WordPress is a solution to provided by Automattic the same team which created WordPress. Download the plugin from the WordPress directory and install it.

Step 2 – Setup AMP Plugin For WordPress

After activation, move to Appearance >> AMP and let’s start designing it. Your pages already by now must have moved to AMP but let style it to fit your theme colors.

This plugin gives you the option to change the Header text color, Header background color and also the header link color. Make these changes and save it.

Step 3 – Solving 404 Error Pages On Moving to AMP

Some users have faced a problem with 404 error pages upon moving to AMP, whats the solution? – Such an error is caused by the permalinks and can easily be solved.

All you need to do it visit Settings >> Permalinks and press the save button. Note: Don’t change anything, just hit the save button and that’s all.

Step 4. – Monitor Your AMP pages Using Google Search Console.

As Google starts indexing your AMP pages, you need to start monitoring how well such pages are being indexed. This you can do using the Google search console.

Step 5 – Adding More Customization to AMP Pages

If you have viewed your new AMP page and not satisfied with the look of the blog, there is a plugin you can use to add more customization.

Download & Install Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP. I believe you are already using Yoast SEO plugin but if you are not, you need to first download it and set it up.

On your dashboard locate SEO >> AMP to set more customizations. Hopefully, with this plugin, you can add better designs and colors to your AMP template.

Rounding Up On Google AMP For WordPress & BlogSpot

In a nutshell, Accelerated Mobile Pages have come to improve websites with slow speed, low traffic, and bad earnings. Proper optimization of AMP pages for WordPress & BlogSpot blogs should be of great consideration.

If you have followed this article to enable AMP on your BlogSpot or WordPress blog, do share with us your experience, and if you already have AMP enable, am sure viewers of this blog would love to read your comment.

Google AMP For WordPress & BlogSpot - Setup + All You Need To Know
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