Google to Shut Down URL Shortener – 5 Best Alternatives

Google has announced the turning down of support for its free link shortening services (Google URL Shortener) this is to take effect as from March 30, 2019,

for users who have accounts and also using the services before now.

while new users will not be able to use the services as from April 13, 2018.

google url shortener

in google’s official post, the major reason for this is to refocus their efforts on other services

since a lot of link shortening services are now available.

Google made mention of FDL (firebase dynamic links)

they intend to replace the URL shortener with FDL

which is a smart way to link web apps, mobile apps etc together.

what really made google URL shortener cool?…

  1. simplicity
  2. unlimited links
  3. view statistics
  4. accurate redirects

.. and more

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so since it will no longer be available, its the right time to find a better alternative

meanwhile, note that

all shortened links will continue to redirect to its intended destination even after March 30, 2019

in simple words, all created short links will still work

but you can’t create new ones.

In case, you are reading about URL short links for the first time, let me brief you up.

what is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener is a service which has the functionality of creating short links from long links such as post URLs and these shortened links will still redirect to the required page.

Using such service is essential for bloggers, developers, and social media marketers.

A good example of where you need shortened links

is twitter which only allows 280 characters per tweet;

with a “shortened link” you can save some space for actual words.

How about

Google URL shortener ( is one of these services and happens to be powered by Google.

this platform actually provides link shortening functionality alongside traffic analysis.

and the good part was, it was totally free.

Unfortunately, it’s being shut down

and one has to look for an alternative.

5 best Google URL shortener alternatives

1. Bitly

Before now, a lot of developers preferred to use bitly but I only used it’s API to automatically create shortened links for twitter sharing. alternatives

The service is really simple to use, and it provides you with all the features…

  • link shortening
  • link tracking

… available in the Google URL shortener for free

and even more

  • Short Link customization

Bitly has a premium package (enterprise) that provide more features

  1. Unlimited custom branded links (use your name instead of bitly)
  2. export analytical data
  3. route users by devices type, app presence, and location
  4. scale with API integrations and multiple users

which is recommended for business and developers.

To get started with Bitly, create a free account here.

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Second alternative developers often make use of is link shortening service

which is totally FREE to use. is powered by HootSuite, a popular social media management service.

so you definitely expect them to provide pure quality in

Some of the features you can enjoy in are

  • shorten links
  • Measure traffic

basically everything you need in a “Url shortener”.

If you would love to use this services, you would have to first create a Free HootSuite account.

with this account, you get to access free of charge

3. Tiny URL

The third service on my list is Tiny URL – a simple shortening services provided by Kevin Gilbertson, a web developer.

Tiny URL, unlike the others, specialized just on link shortening.

it doesn’t provide extra data such as

  • measure URL clicks

but it does let you decide which text to shorten with

which it refers to as “Custom Alias” i.e short link customization

It is super fast to create short links but if you need analytics

such as the number of link clicks, platforms where users are clicking on links etc

then TinyURL is not recommended.

To use TinyURL, you don’t need to sign up, just visit their site to create your shortened links.


Fourthly, is another link shortening service I found while composing this post.

The platform is really simple and it gives exactly what you need

without going through sign-ups. offers an amazing feature

  • Turn short URL to QR codes

what this means is

you get a code such as an example shown below alternatives

which users can scan… once a user scans that code, he gets redirected to your shortened URL.

on top of that, you can also customize shortened links

with predefined texts, numbers etc

No sign up required… just visit here to start using


Lastly, is a URL shortener and QR codes generator just like mentioned above.

No login is required to shorten links but it does provide you with a login option.

you can start using here


Finally, With or without “Google URL shortener” you can always shorten your links using one of these free tools.

I will be moving to Bitly since I am already using its API for automatic short link creation

and also their data tracking is really awesome.

But if you are already using HootSuite or hope to do so for scheduling social media posts then will be a better alternative.

Other services such as and are also cool for getting QR codes.

I recommend shortening your links, to avoid pasting long and ugly URLs on the web.

especially when sharing these posts to social platforms.

In recent times, I will post more on these services and how to make the best use of them.

Since Google is replacing with FDL, I will also check it out to see if it works great.

This is where I end this article on “Google to shut down URL shortener in March 2019 – 5 best alternatives”

Hope this post was hopeful?

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