Want a Blog Like Linda Ikeji? 10 Things You Need To Know

An average blogger earns $3.50 per day according to “Lifehacker” i.e around 1/196 of what Linda Ikeji earns! This stats will definitely increase in 2018 as more persons tend to use the web to search for information, latest happenings, celebrity gossip etc.

The act of making money blogging may be a driving force to why you want to start a gossip blog like Linda Ikeji’s blog in 2018 and these breakthrough tips explained in this post will help you achieve success as a gossip blogger in Nigeria.

create blog like linda ikeji

Blogging has revolutionized from being a passion to being an income source, big bloggers such as Linda Ikeji boast of making millions from blogging monthly and you too can.

How To Start A Blog Like Linda Ikeji’s Blog In 2018

  1. Get to know Linda Ikeji and her blog
  2. Learn from Linda Ikeji
  3. Study the competition and learn from it
  4. Set a goal and start working
  5. Launch your blog
  6. Search for Information
  7. Practice Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  8. Invest In Social Media
  9. Pick the right earning channel
  10. Be yourself

Let’s get started already!

1. Get to know Linda Ikeji and Her Blog

Our goal here is to create like Linda Ikeji’s blog, and the very best place to start such journey is to get to know Linda Ikeji and learn from her as a person and her blog.

Who is Linda Ikeji?

Linda Ikeji is a female Nigerian celebrity gossip blogger, she is currently ranked as the best blogger in Nigeria and her blog Linda Ikeji’s Blog (LIB) is ranked as the biggest blog in Nigeria with Alexa rank of 27 in Nigeria and 3,884 global and an estimated daily visits of 858,147, daily visitors 110,215.

linda ikeji blog alexa ranking
Source: Alexa Rank

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, born 19th September 1980 (age 37) is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria, standing in a capacity of an entrepreneur, writer, blogger and former model.

In her blog, which she is best known for, she writes on news, music, gossip etc and also posts sponsored articles of any niche.

Linda Ikeji’s Blog

Linda Ikeji’s Blog (LIB) is Nigeria’s most controversial blog, with an estimated daily publication of around 15 articles. It was started by a former model and University Of Lagos (Unilag) graduate Linda Ifeoma Ikeji in 2006.

Over the years, LIB has created several controversial issues involving different Nigerian celebrities and has earned itself a spot as the most visited blog in the Country (Nigeria).

Linda Ikeji’s Blog was started with zero capital. Being hosted on a free host (blogger.com) and on a free subdomain (blogspot.com) – Its story motivates many no capital bloggers with big dreams.

Other Platforms Owned By Linda Ikeji

  1. Linda Ikeji Tv
  2. Linda Ikeji Social (LIS)
  3. Linda Ikeji Online Radio

Linda Ikeji’s NetWorth

How well is Linda Ikeji doing financially? being the highest paid blogger in Nigeria, she definitely has to be a millionaire.

Far back in 2012, Linda Ikeji’s net worth was $1.2million (NGN432,600,000), this was before her blog became the biggest Google search trend in Nigeria for 2014 and also the name Linda Ikeji the most searched item by users of Google in Nigeria.

As of 2018, Linda Ikeji’s net worth as calculated by wealth results is suspected to be NGN3.2billion. No wonder she has a luxury house in Banana Island, Ikoyi homes.

Linda Ikeji’s Achievements

In 2013, Linda Ikeji’s blog won the award for best Entertainment blog in Nigeria. In August 2012, Linda and 19 other women were celebrated by Forbes as Africa’s Most Prominent Women.

Linda was also featured in an interview with BBC on their “Focus on Africa” which was aired on 25th September 2012.

Linda Ikeji’s Controversies

Over the years of her blogging, Linda Ikeji, at one point or another had some controversial issues with popular Nigerian celebrities including Wizkid, Funke Akindele, Tonto Dikeh, Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) etc.

These controversies have aided her popularity and recognition.

2. Learn From Linda Ikeji

Every blogger has a unique quality that makes him/her different, this same quality is what makes them succeed in blogging. Linda Ikeji is no exception. Learning from Linda is a good place to start a gossip blogger career

Make Linda Ikeji Your Mentor

You don’t compete with top bloggers/influentials, you make them your mentor and learn from them. One of my mentors in blogging is Harsh Agrawal owner of ShoutMeLoud.

He is what he is in my blogging career because I have seen the success he has attained in blogging and I too wish to attain such success.

Don’t make the mistake of competing with Linda Ikeji, Your goal is to study her and build a blog like hers.

Subscribe to her blog

Joining her email list or her social profiles is also a good idea. Doing this, gets you engaged with her, you can write updates and tag her. Tell her good things you like about her and her blog and be a sincere fan.

The reason why you should do this is so you can learn how she relates to her readers and if her relationship with her readers is bad, you can take advantage of this and try to be better.

But if it’s good, then you just need to learn that skill from her.

Engage in blog comments

A lot of bloggers do this to earn backlinks but yours is different. Engage her and her readers in the blog’s comment section and try to post relevant replies to her articles.

Make corrections, give her compliment, compliment other commenters and soon you will get used to the interactiveness on gossip blogs.

Share relevant articles

If you find a good article on her blog, with evidence of truth, feel free to share it to social media networks and when you do, tag her. This builds up a relationship between you and her readers on social networks.

Doing this could also get you active followers on social platforms, which you would turn to your own blog readers after launching your blog.

How Linda Ikeji Makes her money

Linda Ikeji makes a lot of money from blogging and these channels am going to reveal to you.

1. Sponsored Banner

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a big name in Nigeria and has thus attracted a lot of top companies including MTN, Glo, Fidelity Bank, Access Bank etc to advertise on her blog.

She sells ADS space to these companies and gets paid for it. Getting to this level is very hard, your blog most have a very her daily visits up to hundred thousand a day before this earning channel will work for you.

2. Google AdSense

Since the rise of her blog, Linda Ikeji has depended on Google AdSense for her earnings. She should be one of the top Nigerian bloggers earning from AdSense.

linda ikeji blog advertisers

AdSense is an affiliate program owned and managed by Google. This service places banners on specific places on her blog.

And in return pays her for Clicks and Impressions. Many Nigerian bloggers also depend on Google AdSense for earnings.

3. Sponsored Article

A sponsored Article is a piece of information composed inform of a post in other to promote a brand, music etc. Linda receives a lot of sponsored articles.

As of 2017, she charged about NGN50,000 for a single sponsored article and nearly every day she publishes a sponsored post.

How Linda Ikeji Gain Traffic to her blog

9.30% of Linda Ikeji’s daily blog visitors come from search engines such as Google, Bing etc. And Linda Ikeji’s blog gets approximately 110,215 visitors a day.

Which shows that only 10249.995 visitors visit her blog from search engine daily, where do the other 99965.005 visitors come from? Direct and Social media.

Countries, where these visitors come from, are mainly Nigeria (80.7%), United States (4.5%), United Kingdom (2.9%), France (1.6%) and Germany (1.5%).

From the above statistics, we can clearly see that Linda Ikeji’s blog is nothing without the traffic coming Nigeria. Approximately 88943.505 visitors come from Nigeria daily.

While the other countries in total provide just 21271.495 visitors daily.

3. Study the competition and learn from it.

Blogging is competitive and daily new blogs are launched with intentions to beat the current best in every niche.

Your goal is same but then you need to study this competition, know your competitors, find out why over 6 of 10 blogs launched close up before 3 months.

One of your greatest assets in blogging is your competitors. Through them, you get to know what readers like and what they hate. Check out the below tips.

Who is your competitor?

A competitor is any blog that writes on same topics with you and also rank for the same keywords. Linda Ikeji and Laila’s blog are competitors because they rank for the same topics.

NotJustOk and TooXclusive are both competitors because they write on the same music niche and one can be easily kickoff if it fails to beat the competitors.

What is your competitor’s strength?

How come this blogger is successful in blogging? – what is his secret? what is he doing that others are not doing?.

Ability to figure out your competitor’s strength and use it for your own site is a good step towards achieving success in blogging in 2018.

Secrets bloggers keep

  1. Posting Schedule
  2. SEO tips & tricks
  3. Social media activeness
  4. Promotional channels. etc

Rank of your competitor

One other study point is the rank of your competitor. Take your time to study it’s Alexa Rank, Moz DA, and PA. The reason why you do this is so as to figure out how the competition is going to be.

Generally, Competitors with low ranks, are easy to beat in the competition but what if their sites are well ranked? – you need to step up your game.

So take your time and check out your competitors for their ranks.

How well is your competitor doing in SEO?

Is your competitor making use of SEO or SMO? how well is he doing?. Search Engine Optimization is what lands you on the first page of search engines.

But then not all niche actually practice SEO to gain traffic. I don’t think Linda Ikeji has ever placed SEO into preference.

Survey your competitors for the keywords they rank for and how they write their articles, do they choose quantity over quality!!.

4. Start from Somewhere

You are about to begin a journey of a lifetime and it is better you start from somewhere little before launching your main blog. You don’t necessarily have to start a blog before you can start being controversial.

It is better when you start from a social media platform where there are millions of persons in need of information. build your user base before moving to your blog.

Best Platforms TO start

  1. Instagram
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook

Start a mini-blog on Instagram

Instagram is a celebrity base social media network with a major interest in Photos and Videos, This makes Instagram one of the best places to start a celebrity blog.

Start by creating an account, set up a profile and engage users.

2017 saw a lot of persons get into fame through Instagram updates, we sawlasisielenu” gain over 446k followers by posting funny videos, PulseNigeria247 gained 1million followers with 25.4k posts.

Blogging On Twitter

With twitter you can easily get popular for a specific topic using hashtags, engaging posts and staying relevant to consistency.

Building a small blog (audience) on twitter is a good way to start up your journey as a gossip blogger. Get controversial and get celebrities in trouble.

Build a community on Facebook

Facebook by far is the largest online community with over 2billion active users. These persons want information, your ability to give them such information get you a little audience which you can later transform into your blog readers.

Create groups, join groups, build pages etc, anything that keeps you connected to that community.

5. Launch Your Blog

Next step is to actually start something on the web “Launch Your Blog” that will soon turn into a profitable online business just like Linda Ikeji’s blog.

While launching your blog, you should consider the following tips.

Tips To Create a gossip blog in 2018

  1. How to choose a Domain Name
  2. Choose a domain extension
  3. Which Domain Registrar to choose
  4. What blogging platform to use

How to choose a domain name?

A domain name is part of the identity your blog will be known for. Most times (recommended) a domain name is same as the blog name. Why choosing a domain name, there are many things you should place into consideration.

  • Should I use my name or not? – If your blog has to do with your personality then you should go for your name but if it doesn’t you should go for a brand name.
  • Keep it Short & Memorable – Words longer than 15 don’t make good domain names because they are too lengthy to type and also hard to remember. Linda Ikeji is exactly 10 words, which is moderate.
  • Use Keywords – Keywords are basically words that talk about the topics your blog will cover. A good domain name should contain one keyword but you can do without.
  • Be Unique and Creative – An awful mistake bloggers make, is copying others. Don’t make such, try to generate a unique title that suits what you intend to build.
  • Use Domain Generation tools – DGT (Domain generation tools) are online tools that help with the suggestion of various words which could be used as domain names. Check out 15 domain name generation tools as recommended by Shopify.
  • Avoid Characters & Hyphens – having a domain name like blogging-prince.com is not recommended. These domains are not user and SEO friendly, so try to avoid hyphens and characters.

Choose a domain extension

A domain extension is a word that ends a domain name such as .com, .com.ng, .org etc. Deciding which extension to use could also be a little problem.

Below tips should help

  • .com – Use a .com if you intend to manage a commercial site such as a news blog, gossip blog, tech blog, etc.
  • .com.ng – use the .com.ng or any other country specific domain extension if you intend to target visitors from a single geographical location.
  • dot org – a .org extension is short for an organization which is recommended for organizations.

Which domain registrar to use?

A Domain registrar is an online company with capabilities of selling and managing domain names. While deciding which to use, you should note down what a good registrar should have. Check out – How To Choose A Blogger Custom Domain Name Provider

Qualities of a good domain registrar

  1. Email forwarding
  2. Authenticity
  3. Good customer support
  4. Affordability.
  5. Domain name security

Recommended Domain Registrars

  1. Namecheap
  2. Goddady
  3. Garanntor (what I use on bloggingprince)
  4. Domainking

What blogging platform to use?

Linda Ikeji started her blog in 2006 using blogger.com (known as blogspot) but in 2017 she moved to a new platform. Reasons she did not say, I personally think her site has grown to pass a free platform.

If you want to start a free blog with free hosting, BlogSpot is the best platform to use but

If you want to start a blog and host it yourself, WordPress is what you need.

Both platforms have it’s up and downs which I will quickly highlight below and NOTE: for whichever platform you choose, you can build a blog like Linda Ikeji’s blog.

Advantages of WordPress

  1. It is simple and powerful to use
  2. Enjoy the freedom of posting, without getting your blog deleted.
  3. Your blog is totally yours.
  4. Ideal for professional bloggers

Disadvantages of WordPress

  1. Expensive to run and manage
  2. Security lags
  3. No support (Except forums)

Advantages of Blogger

  1. Totally free.
  2. Secured by Google.
  3. Easy to use.

Disadvantages of BlogSpot

  1. You will suffer limitations (functionality)
  2. The blog is not totally yours, Google can delete if you violate rules.
  3. Created for a personal blog.
  4. Poor Support

Now go ahead, Pick a platform and start your blog right away!. – If you choose WordPress, you can get cheap and affordable hosting with Namecheap (my blog’s host) using my affiliate link.


6. Search for Information

Content is King – Any content that doesn’t pass information is useless. After a successful launch of your blog, it’s time to search for truthful and informative articles.

Tips for better content publication

1. Don’t Copy and Paste

Copying another blog’s article is a very bad thing to venture into. Bloggers who do this most time fail because there is no proper information given.

2. Be Sure (Authenticity)

Don’t just pick any news/story from the web. Be sure of whatever you are going to post online. This will help you grow an audience that believes in what you post.

3. Be Controversial

Celebrity gossip bloggers are known to be controversial. Pick a celebrity and reveal the truth behind his acts and fans would love to read your blog.

Linda Ikeji has done this to a lot of Nigerian Artistes, including Wizkid. As long as your information is truthful, celebrities fans will follow up.

4. Be Word Cautious

Don’t publish blunders as sentences. Improve your use of English and write quality articles.

There are a lot of free tools, such as Grammarly you can use to correct grammatical errors before publishing your content.

5. Don’t Post everything you see.

Simply because it is a piece of information reaching to you, doesn’t mean you should publish it.

Edit your articles very well and if such an article will create personal, marital or lawful issues for a person, don’t publish it.

Learn to respect the privacy of celebrities because not every information about a person should be exposed.

Where to find Information

Finding the right source for information is a very difficult task for starters. Check out the list below for help.

Follow celebrities on Social Media

Celebrities of all categories are fond of posting about their daily life choices on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc).

Follow these accounts and monitor their activities. This is one evergreen source where Linda Ikeji gets her latest gist.

Other Blogs

You can also find information on other blogs in the same niche with you. Follow other blogs and always check for updates.

But then don’t make the mistake of copying their content! – Read through it, get the information and re-write yourself but still don’t forget to give credits to the source.


Forums are a great source of information. In Nigeria, nearly every latest trend is posted on Nairaland (biggest forum in Nigeria).

Sign up for such forums and start getting the right information.

Personal Research

If you keep on modifying what others are writing, then your blog is not a big deal! – Get involved in research.

Pick a celebrity and research for vital information. Such information is actually what gets you popular because other blogs will come and copy your content.

With a tendency of giving a link back to the original source.

Hire Writers/Journalists

Starting a team is not a bad idea. You can hire a journalist and get the latest information as it drops.

The truth is posting regularly and also searching for information is not easy. Hiring a writer while you search for information can also help collate better write-ups.

TV Stations, Magazines, and Newspaper.

These sources are not really frequent as most times take time before a piece of information drop.

But still, you can take advantage of them as research centers and get the right information for your blog.


7. Practice Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is every process involved in displaying your blog post among the results listed in a search query.

ShoutMeLoud Monthly Income Report
Source: ShoutMeLoud

In the month of June 2017, ShoutMeLoud received about 1.5 million page views. 84% of this traffic is coming from search engines,

Bloggers practice SEO because users looking for the right information are used to searching google.

As a celebrity gossip blogger, there are some SEO practices that are very important to you.

SEO Practices for Gossip Bloggers 2018

After following the above guides, your gossip blog should be ready to stand in terms of SEO in 2018.


8. Invest In Social Media

Facebook has an active user list of over 2billion, Twitter has 327 million, Instagram has 700 million. This makes Social Media a target point for you, so you need to invest in it.

2018 Social Media Tips for Bloggers

  1. Run Ads (Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter etc)
  2. Optimize Post Titles for SMO
  3. Join Social Communities such as Groups
  4. Make use of social media management tools

Run Ads

Running Adverts can easily trigger your blog page views. The reason why you should run Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads in 2018 is that post promotion, helps you increase the reach of your article.

If you can successfully advertise your blog posts, on these platforms then your traffic will soon trigger. While running these ads, don’t forget to target Nigeria, since you are going to be posting about Nigerian celebrities.

Optimize Post Titles For SMO

The difference between a post with high CTR and a post with low CTR is post title optimization.

You need to write quality titles with emotional words, power words etc to enable you easily convince users to click. Check the guide below.

Join Social Communities

If you don’t have enough capital to run ADs, you can also get access to a huge audience, by joining groups on Facebook and also by using hashtags on Twitter.

There are communities with a high user base, I can remember driving 4000+ views to an article through a single group on Facebook.

Make use of social media management tools

Social Media Management tools, makes the work really easy. With such tools, you can easily schedule your posts for publication on various platforms.

One of my favorites is buffer, I use it to post my articles anywhere. Check out a detailed list of free social media management tools to use in 2018.


9. Pick the right earning channel

Making money as a blogger in 2018 has to do with the channel you choose as your income source.

There are various ways to make money online via blogging, you could feature sponsored posts, apply for AdSense or its alternatives, sponsored banners etc.

Now simply because Linda Ikeji is making use of Google AdSense, doesn’t mean that it is where your money is! There are over 29 ways to make money as a blogger and I will briefly explain the ones that work most.

Ways to make money from blogging in 2018

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Sponsored Banners
  3. Paid Post or Sponsored Post
  4. Affiliate Programs

Google AdSense

AdSense approval Is every Nigerian Blogger’s dream because it stands as the highest paying affiliate program. You can earn up to $1000 from Google AdSense monthly if you play your game well.

Linda should be making millions with such traffic statistics. A problem with AdSense is approval because it has a lot of rules and you can easily get banned.

Here on BloggingPrince.com, I make use of Google AdSense, that is why you are seeing banners on my blog. AdSense pays per impression and per click.

Sponsored Banners

Selling Ads spots on your blog is also a very lucrative way of making money from blogging in 2018. But the only problem is, getting advertisers!

Before you can actually start making a reasonable amount of money from sponsored banners, your blog should receive at least 10,000 pay views daily.

Paid Post

Paid post works just like sponsored banners, but this time an advertiser writes an article and pay you to publish it on your blog.

The paid post also known as a sponsored post is very good especially if you already have a huge audience. Truth is nobody wants to advertise on a small blog.

Even the price is affordable. Build up your blog and learn to accept sponsored posts.

Affiliate Programs

In July 2017 ShoutMeLoud achieved it’s earning milestone by getting $50,000 in just one month. Affiliate income was $ 39,787.72.

This is to tell you, how much you can really earn as an affiliate marketing. In 2018, don’t hesitate to join affiliate programs and start making money.


10. Be yourself

Let your personality reflect in your blog, Users prefer to interact with blogs being updated by humans and also like to think the same way the writer felt when composing that article.

You are your brand and your brand is you.

Prepare to fail

If you are afraid of failure, you will fail. Prepare for it, you can’t always get it right the first time, it took Linda Ikeji 12 years to get to where she is today!

So failure is not a hindrance, at some point you need to fail.

Pick Up Challenges

Make your failures your challenges. If you tried something and you failed at it, pick it as a challenge, improve your self and you would succeed.

Your blog is a Business, not a hobby

If you continue taking your blog as a hobby, something you do only when you are free, then you might as well forget about it.

Because you can’t achieve success with such attitude. Learn to make your blog your business and take it seriously.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is required to create a blog like Linda Ikeji’s blog. Have a perfect calendar for your posting and try to post whenever you are supposed to.

Interact with co-bloggers

You are not on the web all alone, there are bloggers you should learn to interact with, learn from each other, ask and give tips.

This is where we end today’s topic. Blogging is profitable and building a blog like Linda Ikeji’s blog from scratch in 2018 is possible.

Be Consistent, Focussed, Learn and Be Determined… Success will be yours.

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