How To BackUp/Restore Your Blogger Template In 3 Simple Steps

Updating your blogger template via the HTML editor always require backing up your Blogger template to avoid template crash due to parser errors and not just that to have a backup file in case you are unable to undo your HTML/CSS/JavaScript changes.

I will show you how to get this done in just a few steps. I mean how to backup and restore your blogger template in 3 simple steps. This is the same method used in saving a blogger template for sale or use in another blog.

Backup is recommended for all bloggers especially when you love playing with codes like I do. If you are beginner you might find this a mystery but soon you will get to understand what backing up your blog template means.

Importance of BackUp/Restore

  1. Protect your template against crash
  2. Keep a raw file of your template
  3. Raw files can be should or used ex where
  4. Makes hard coding reversible
  5. Gives you more freedom when coding.

How To BackUp Your Blogger Template

Step 1
Log in to your dashboard >> Locate Theme.

Step 2
Locate Backup/Restore >> Download Theme.

Step 3
Change filename to a name you can easily remember and save. Try to add the date to it to make it easier to remember.

You have successfully backed up your blogger template.

The raw template (.xml file) will be saved in a folder on your computer. In other to further protect this file, you might consider uploading it to online storage sites.

This backup file will be important when you make mistakes in your template HTML editor. You should always keep this template secure and prevent it from being deleted from your computer storage.

How To Restore Your Blogger Template

In case you made irreversible errors while coding or you having issues with the look of your blogger template after adding/removing some codes from your HTML editor, you can follow these easy steps to get your template back to the previous look.

Step 1
Go to your dashboard >> Locate Theme.

Step 2
Locate Backup/Restore >> Choose File >> Now select the template file you saved earlier.

Step 3.
Upload the file and you should see your blog showing the previous version.

Now you have just gotten you former template back. In case you saved several versions while coding, it is advised you differentiate them using date or specific numbers.

This same method of restoring a blogger template is same as uploading a new blogger template.

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I have started writing on basic steps in using BlogSpot as a blogging platform. Learning how to backup and restore a blogger template is important for a blogger who wishes to code his/her own template and also bloggers who have chosen to learn more about BlogSpot and start making money selling themes.

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