How To Be Successful as a Music Blogger

Own a music blog? hoping to get into the spotlight of a successful music blogger, Have seen the likes of TooXcluive, 360ng, NotJustOk etc.

How To Be Successful as a Music Blogger

It all doesn’t just work out in a day, Today, I am going to show you a sure guide that will help you start a successful music blog while others are failing.

Music Blogging In Nigeria

Among the numerous niches in Nigeria’s blogging community is music blogging. A set of bloggers making an impact in the life of music lovers while making money from it.

With no doubt, Music blogging in Nigeria, stand a nomination seat for the most visited/popular blogging category in the country and world at large.

With prominent blogs already in the spotlight making money online, a beginner blogger would definitely want to join the community. It’s easy to join but there are more failures than success stories. beware!.


Top 10 Prominent Nigeria Music Bloggers that will make you want to blog

  • TooXclusive
  • NotJustOk
  • 360nobs
  • Naijaloaded
  • BusySinging
  • Jaguda
  • mp3bullet
  • mp3naija
  • TayoTV
  • NaijaBamBam


Started by Tyler Duncan-Sotubo in 2010. TooXclusive has earned a spot as one of the top 10 most prominent music bloggers in Nigeria after beating down many other bloggers who made efforts but failed along the way. TooXclusive got its breakthrough and has been a blog music bloggers and music lovers visit daily.


One of the music blogs you must have heard about in most Nigeria songs. Always hearing someone saying “ It’s been 11 years (2006 – 2017) since Ademola Ogundele started the journey and today his blog will definitely make you want a blog, but never you forget the fact that others failed too.

Creativity & Passion A Must Have For Music Bloggers

Nearly 60% of all the newly opened blogs in this country are owned by hungry bloggers who don’t even have a minute for their blog. Truth be said, many persons would not blog if they knew how hard it is to be successful. Now ask yourself! Am I one of them?.

All forms of blogging require your creativity and passion. But music blogging don’t only require random passion, you need to be specific about what you have passion for, you need to be passion filled in the below areas

  1. Passion for music
  2. Passion for blogging
  3. Passion for music blogging

Passion for Music

Music is a life of its own and to be successful at music blogging, you must learn to live a music life. Know music by categories, by artist, be ahead and in the game, be a fan of it, adapt to what it brings, get that passion that would make you trade a bowl of rice and chicken for a CD plate.

Passion for Blogging

How do you see blogging? are you seeing it as a potential source of income or as a platform that gives you joy? which ever way you see it, just try as much as possible to be passion driven. Learn to love what you do.

Passion for Music Blogging

You could be in love with music or even a blogger at heart but still not addicted to music blogging.

Being a blogger doesn’t guarantee you success in music blogging especially when you leave your former niche and start a music blog. You need to be self-motivated and fall in love with music blogging.

In the world today, you would find many persons that just want to spend the whole day talking and typing music, some would spend thousands to learn more about music, – these are your potential audience so you need to stay ahead and learn to love music blogging for things to work out well.

How & Where Creativity Work

The only reason why I would visit your blog twice a day is your creativity. As a music blogger, there is a strong competition for SEO keywords, readership/audience etc.

You need to be creative if you want to be successful. The best music blogs are not those with subsequent content but those with high creativity. Recently, Naijaloaded came up with Music Tagging which made music lovers go crazy.

NotJustOk has been operating a free music uploading website where young/upcoming artists, bloggers etc can upload their soundtrack for free. Now how do you intend to beat all these giants at their home (music blogging) – Creativity?.

Did you just start a blog cause you need money? Well even if you did it for only the money, you would need to be at least creative before you can make money. Creativity can enable you to rank your blog number one on search results, it can bring you unlimited traffic and also the lack of it can make you the next blogger indexed for failure.

Understanding the Music Blogging Industry

Music blogging did not start today, therefore there are many bloggers to learn from. Those that have failed at it, why they failed and how not to fail like them. And also we will study those that are successful, the path they took and how to be successful just like them.

Although the music blogging industry is tough, hard, competitive, you can still be successful. Generally, you as music blogger should have the following basic qualities as a foundational requirement in music blogging.

Basic Qualities/Requirements of a music blogger.

  1. Ability to write captivating stories in less than 250 words
  2. Love for music, blogging, and music blogging
  3. Staying in the trend – knows what’s happening in the music world
  4. Knows the basic words/slangs used in the music world
  5. Have at least 5hours for blogging each day
  6. Can re-write an article, bring unsaid words and add more value.

I have just listed for you the basic essentials a music blogger must possess but I will try to elaborate more on the last number.

Article Re-Write

A high proportion of music blogs in the world today have the same articles, which is quite expected since music blogging is just like news blogging where everyone gets access to only what is trending.

You are probably going to do the same but the only characteristic feature that will make you prominent is the ability to re-write an article without copying the original publisher word by word, bring in unsaid words, make new points, and add more value/information to it.

Some bloggers use free online article re-writer but I don’t encourage this, You have a head which has a brain in it, make use of it and compose truth speaking articles. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first but with time you would become better.

Advanced Qualities of a Music Blogger

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization tricks
  3. Email list building
  4. Advanced creativity – thinking outside the box.

Gone are the days, when you would simply share a post to Facebook and expect people to click. Nowadays, even with proper Facebook optimization tricks, you won’t get any clicks and this is because you are just an ordinary social media user.

To be successful you need to stop being an ordinary social media user, transform into a social media marketer. You need to convince people with reasons why they should click your link and this is where creativity once again comes into play. Learn social media marketing and start driving untapped traffic to your blog.

Search Engine Optimization Tricks

SEO is the traffic driving action of this generation. Music bloggers don’t always optimize for search engines, instead, they go to social media, WhatsApp etc. you need to take advantage of this! by driving in a majority of the audience searching for latest music tracks on search engines to your blog. This SEO can help you with.

You need SEO because search queries are much the day an artist releases a new track, now your ability to tap into that traffic depends on the SEO tactics you have practiced.


Email List Building

You might have a feeling of nobody read emails and therefore you tagged email marketing as being useless to music bloggers well this is why Email list building is for advanced bloggers. An email list & push notification list can drive you traffic and not just traffic but willing readers who are ready to read your blog content.

People want to stay updated and with the help of emails and push notifications you can get this done for them.

Advanced Creativity

Start thinking more like a professional and bring into existence undiscovered things, add-ons through innovative ideas found out of thinking outside the box. Don’t just limit your understanding of music to what other bloggers are doing.

Make some research, bring in uniqueness, create what no blogger has created before, be exposed to innovation and become better than your competitors. Not until you learn to do this, you might never find success.


Why other music bloggers failed and how not to be like them

Only the fittest can survive. For every aspect of life, many persons have failed and so is music blogging. Your first step to attaining success is not quitting, and how can you not quit?. You need to study those that have failed & learn from their mistakes.

1. Consistency in the game

The yam in your father’s farm needs time and continues practices to grow, so also does your blog need time to grow.

Consistency in what you do is the first success guaranty step. People who love your style of music blogging might not discover your blog today, neither will they tomorrow but definitely they will.

Your ability to remain consistent even with 0 page views daily is what you need.

Motivate yourself and start working hard based on what you have started. More than half of bloggers who gave up, did so because they were not consistent with it.

Today they would blog about music, next day would be news, the other day would be technology, they are always looking for evergreen lands this kind of bloggers are losers.

Stick to one thing and become the best at it with this, successful blogging is guaranteed.

2. Reason for starting a blog

Blogging is no magic so you don’t expect to be super rich after a few days.

Bloggers failed because their reason for blogging was not achieved in a specified time limit which could have been 6months, 2months etc.

If you are not sincere and passion filled you would fail too.

Over 80% of bloggers started blogging because they need money or only because they have a friend who said blogging is profitable.

Deviate from that thinking, impose more reasons to your blogging life and success will be sure.

3. Waiting for AdSense

I don’t know why but bloggers always wait for AdSense approval and when they get disapproved a few times, they become frustrated and quit music blogging not knowing

there are over 23 ways to make money as a music blogger.

AdSense is only one of them. You make more money when you monetize your blog with the right affiliate funnel not only through AdSense.

You could apply for, sell ads spots, sell your own music related products, mixtapes etc.

Adsense approval is not a reason to quit. Others have withdrawn cause of this and you should not join the list. The money will come definitely.

4.Bad Advisers & Spammers

Some bloggers today, make a living by giving advice that doesn’t work all because they need you to buy their E-book.

Many music bloggers have fallen for these people and their bad advice has made their blog get de-indexed from the list of bloggers.

Don’t apply every little trick you find or some blogger recommended on your blog. Take your time to read, understand and only apply what you would love to see on other blogs.

Bloggers have fallen for spammers, website hackers, don’t fall for them, keep your blog details secret and don’t make anybody an admin to your blog except you know him in person.

They have ruined others, if you have chosen WordPress as a platform then you should be security cautious;

Blogspot bloggers only need to be careful with their Gmail account. Be on alert and don’t let these persons kill your dreams.

5. Believing in Platform

A platform doesn’t assure you success. You could start a blog on WordPress spend thousands and still fail.

I always hear bloggers saying any blogger not using WordPress is not a blogger. And some newbie music bloggers believe them.

This will only make you spend more money!.

WordPress makes things easier but not better.

You can easily install SEO plugins, upload your songs etc but you can also do all these on other platforms.

Be wise when selecting a platform. Choose one based on what you can handle, the amount you have to spend on your blog, the functions you would need for your blog.

If you simply can’t afford the big plans, get yourself a free blog on a free platform and work hard on it.

Your success starts with your hard work and not the platform.

You should also try to get a custom domain so you can start building an identity on the web, you can get it cheap at garanntor or domainking.

Sailing when others sink

You are the captain of your blog, you need to navigate, you need to fight the breeze of failure, you need to sail while others sink.

A captain doesn’t need to copy what other captains are doing, he/she only needs to learn the right sailing tricks.

As a music blogger, you need to learn the tricks of blogging.

You need to take advantage of what others don’t know of or neglected.

You need to sail while others are sinking. Let me brief you on a few tricks that work.

1. Choosing a domain name

I know you must have done this already but if you are a newbie who intends to start a blog soon then you should know the importance of your domain name to your blog and online brand.

The name of your blog has an impact on your blog’s success.

Choosing the right name can help you soar, you don’t need to follow the thread of “Loaded”, “Xclusive” etc.

In fact, these names are boring and you need to run from them.

Get a name that describes your blog as a music blog.

Here I won’t fail to mention GongTunes by Samuel Igwe and also UrbanNG by Stokash. Both names are well thought of, short, easy to remember and also music life-related.

2. Music Choice

Music is huge and you need to be selective.

Choose a special music category you love, can handle even while you are asleep and know a lot about.

You really don’t need to blog about everything before you can attain success.

Actually, all it requires is knowing about the music type you have chosen, keep up with it and be consistent.

Popular music blogging niches

  1. Gospel Music blog
  2. Foreign Songs
  3. Nigerian Streets
  4. Reggae
  5. Rapping Songs
  6. Soul Music etc

3. Create a music banner

You need popularity, fame & recognition. How do you attain these? You need to make anybody that downloads a clip from your blog remember you.

TooXclusive, NotJustOk, and others are fans of the music banner trick, you too need to be.

Create a banner image of your blog with the URL, social profiles, blog title and a little summary of your blog,

just like the example below.

When done, add it to your music files before you upload – Make it the art cover image of the music file.

You can easily get this done if you have a computer.

create music banner

whenever a user is listening to any song downloaded from your blog, he/she will be seeing your blog music banner as the default cover art image which will make them remember your blog always.

Aside from that, it also helps you advertise your blog to the right people for free.

How?. Imagine Jude downloads a music file from your blog, he liked it and sent it to Stella,

Stella then shared it with Kelly. Are you seeing the trick? – Each time anybody shares your music file to friends,

his/her friends will also see your music banner as the default art image and this gives them an idea of where the song was downloaded from.

Music bloggers need this so do you.

4. File Editing

A bit related to music banner art. It serves the same purpose of advertising your blog for free

but this time it has nothing to do with an image instead it has to do with text.

This you can easily do on your laptop. Just right click the music file,

locate properties and you would find all the details you need to change.

Now let me tell you what it’s about.

Apart from adding music banners as default art cover, you can also edit the music file properties.

Professional bloggers do this and it works.

What should you do?.

Before uploading any music file to your blog, change the default file properties to match the credentials of your blog.

Rename the file to something similar to “Flavour – Most High (

With this, you have successfully advertised the URL of your blog.

5. Theme/ Blog Layout

Something simple and easy to navigate is what you need not some a clustered website.

Every section of your blog, should be placed properly and how do you achieve this? You need a good blog template.

Your ads need to be placed in strategic positions else they won’t make you any money. P.S Unoptimized ads can drive your potential audience.

A good theme with less bright colors, medium buttons, and only important widgets will do.

No need to install every single plugin/widget you meet, they will all slow down your blog.

Keep it fast, Simple and of all functional!.

Important widgets for your blog

  1. Popular posts widget
  2. Download button
  3. Recent Post Widget
  4. Pagelist or Page navigation
  5. Category/label widget

6. Ads In Download Links

I know you need the money but getting it this way is not worth it. If you do this to your visitors stop doing it because it is not healthy for your blog.

It will make you crumble and fall!. Visitors hate spamming ads and they will see you as a hungry blogger with no sense.

Having banner and text ads on your blog is a good effort to making money but adding spammy affiliate links next to download button

and even trying to convince visitors to use the ads link is bad for you and your blog.

Persons have failed due to this. You will make the money but in a proper way.

Fail to be Successful

This is me rounding up and I would like to educate you more on what failure can actually do for you.

Sometimes am happy I failed a couple of times because failing on my path did more good than harm.

Failure is not when you call it a quit! No – those are losers.

You should fail to attain success. Losers will always be losers because they failed to try again,

that is failing twice. First, you failed at achieving success and second time you failed at trying again.

Be self-motivated and don’t let low results from high expectation make you a loser.

Every top entrepreneur in the world today once failed,

Not until you learn to fail and know the reason while you failed you can’t be a success!.

Being successful is not all you need in blogging.

You need to fail, you need to fail a couple of times, you need to fail to an extent that you study your situation and know the reason why you have been failing. 

Each time you fail at something, try it again in another direction, improve on what you have and give it another try.

If you still failed again, it only means there is more to learn – it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road!.

Just make sure you learn something new each time you fail and by doing so you attain success in music blogging.

My definition of success is simply knowing what made you fail a couple of times and overcoming it. 

If you loved this post, do pass it to your friends by sharing!. –

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