How To Show Default Author Bio Box In Blogger

I love every of my blog reader and follower because they are the only reason why I am here blogging. On a previous post where I offered a free blogger template to all my viewers, one of the encouraging commenters raised an alarm about author bio box. So I decided to add it to the test blog and also write on how to show it.
Author Bio Box
The author bio box is of real importance to the blog owner and the readers. This is why blogger provides it by default and if you need my advice on getting one, then I advise you stick to the default one which can be added anywhere on the blog.

How Can I Show Author Bio Box In Blogger

In other to enable author bio box which tells people about you and your life, you have to use the “layout section”. I did not add any coding lines to it, it is just a simple turn on or turns off process. Just the same way you activate share buttons, you can also activate author bio box.
I will provide relevant pictures of the step by step guide alongside the tutorial explanation for easy understanding. This same process can be used to show AdSense ads between posts, and much other cool stuff which you will know how to do after this post.

Step 1

Visit your blog dashboard at and select your preferred blog.

Step 2 

Locate the “layout section” of your blog. If you have been following my series on Ogbonge Blog, then finding this won’t be hard for you. Check Full series here.

Step 3

In the layout section, locate the widget that is named “Main or Blog post” and you should see an Edit link inside the box. At the bottom as shown in the below photo. Simply clink on the edit link.
How To Show Default Author Bio Box In Blogger

Step 4

A pop-up box should then appear. Check the list of options provided. There you can choose to show labels below the post or disable it. You can also choose to show name and time of posting at the footer. Since we want to enable the author bio box, simply tick the “Show Author Profile below post” option.
Show Default Author Bio Box In Blogger

Step 5

Scroll to the bottom and locate the save button. Once found, simply clink on it. and after the box disappears, also clink save at the layout section. Finally, visit any post on your blog and you should see an author bio box.

How To Change Text In Author Bio Box

After enabling the author info widget at the footer or sidebar, one might want to edit what is written on it. You might also want to add important social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter, in other to do this, we need to visit an external page on Google + (only if google+ is linked to your blogger blog).
Editing the Blogger Author Profile is now very easy. All you just need to do, is to sign in to your Google account and go to
Thereafter, scroll down to the “Story” section and click on the “edit” icon. Then, edit accordingly. You can add links to anywhere; your social media profiles, opt-in pages etc.

Author Bio Box

After you click on one of the above icons, you should see a box with Tag Line and Introduction, simply fill in your details.

Click OK when you are done.

Final Words

Hope the above procedures work seamlessly for you and if you ever want a personal service from me, feel free to contact me and also leave your thoughts, questions and observation at the comment box bellow. Sharing is caring!
Happy Blogging.

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