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Two questions probably popped into your mind right now! 1. What is SMO? and 2. What has it got to do with my blog? – Well, am glad you asked.

In this post, I am going to show a different side of SEO which SEO bloggers hardly talk about.

link facebook to blogger

Linking Facebook to your blog might have been a process you already carried out and you really didn’t see any effect on your blog,

well not to worry, today, I am going to show you how to properly link Facebook to your blog,

Use this medium to increase your blog traffic and most importantly boost your blog SEO.

This is what SMO is going to be doing for you.

SMO is one of the major backbones of SEO and I guess you have been neglecting it all this while,

or probably doing it but not doing it right.

What is SMO?

SMO short for Social Media Optimization can simply be seen as all the process involved in improving your blog rankings and stats via social media networks.

It doesn’t only involve sharing posts – it has more implementations.

Many big blogs have testified of how quick you can boost your blog Alexa Rank using social media optimization.

Also before my migration to a new domain name, I easily boosted my Alexa rank using some free social media tools (link below).

for sharing and targeting my specific audience.

As a result of doing that I got a high boost from ranking 22,003 in Nigeria (can’t get the figures exactly) to ranking 17,023

within a few days (less than a week).

This is how fast Social Media Optimization can help boost your blog.

Why should I increase my SMO?

If boosting your Alexa rank within few days is not enough reason to increase your blog’s SMO

then the effect of SMO on SEO and traffic will make you increase it.

I love SEO, and I test my blog every few day using free online tools

and most of these sites always recommend optimizing for social media networks.

Most of these SEO tools advice you to improve your social media presence.

This is because SMO is very important for your blog’s search ranking.

Using this free SEO tool (seocentro) to analyze my blog,

I realize that Social Media Presence is the only SEO factor that has a 5-star rating (Fig 3).

In a brief, let me list out a few importance of SMO to your blog

  1. Drastically Increase Blog Traffic
  2. Improves SEO (huge impact)
  3. Bring you like-minded bloggers (at least I meant Jalil on FB)
  4. Increase Customer trust (most persons do check out which social profile you run before trusting you with their money)
  5. More Earnings for you (even with low CPA, SMO traffic will give you money).
  6. Boost your Alexa rank.
  7. Increase your PA and DA.

Properly Link Facebook To Your Blog

Now you know what SMO is about and you know how it helps your blog, Let’s see how we can properly link Facebook to your blog.

If you are wondering, why FB? FB is the largest social media network as of now and you have several tools

that can help you integrate Facebook with your blog.

Create Facebook Page For Your Blog

The first step of integrating Facebook to your blog is by creating a Facebook page.

I believe you already have a Facebook account if you don’t, then that is your first step.

Step 1.
Log In to your Facebook account >> Locate Pages (below explore) on your left sidebar >> Upon clicking, you would see a list of liked pages >> At the top, locate “Create Page”.

Step 2.
Choose what type of page you wish to create depending on your Blogging Niche.

Here, I selected “Artist, Band or Public figure” >> Type in your new page name >>  Click on Category and pick the one most related to you.

I select “Blogger”. >> Get Started.

This is how easy it is to create a Facebook page.

Optimize Your FaceBook Page

Now all you need to do is add personal and blog details to your Facebook page.

Step 1 – Create Username
On the new page, locate “Create Page @username” below your page name.

Now type in your username (should be the same name with the page).

Step 2. Upload Images
Now simply upload your page profile photo and cover photo.

Step 3.
Add a short description of your new page.

This will enable people to discover and understand what your page is all about.

Step 4 
Now let’s do what is important to your blog. Adding your website. >> Scroll down and locate “Add Website” under about.

Click it and add the URL of your blog.

Explore your new page. Invite friends to like your page and start sharing your blog posts with it.

Create FaceBook APP for your Page.

After a successful creation of your FB page, next step is to create an App for your Facebook page. If you don’t know what an app is, don’t worry, I have explained it below.

What is Facebook App?.

FaceBook app is not the normal mobile applications you use on phones or apps used on laptops.

A Facebook APP is a developer program that lets you integrate your Facebook page with the web.

You can create a facebook developer app and link it to your Android or iOS application.

This same app is linkable to your blog. When you create a Facebook app for your blog, you get a secret ID.

Whenever you place that ID on a blog, it automatically relates that blog to your Facebook page.

It is very important for SMO. reasons will be clarified later.

How to Create Facebook App

Step 1
Go to facebook developer page, locate “Apps” >> “Add a new app”.

Step 2
On this next page, you will be asked to choose a platform. Select “Website” >> Type in your page name.

Step 3
Follow the “Quick Start” process to get everything done. Make sure your app come out live (having the green dot).

Now copy your Facebook App ID and paste it in a notepad.

Find Your FB Username ID

You also need to feed the username of your Facebook profile. To do this, follow below procedure.

Go to FindMyFBid Type in your Facebook URL into the box >> Find numeric id.

Copy the ID and paste it in a notepad.


Linking FaceBook To Blog Through Meta Tags

It’s about time we get to the main point of integrating FB with a website.

Through the use of meta tags, we are going to fully optimize your blog for Facebook.

FaceBook Open Graph

If you are lucky to get a properly SEO optimize blog them,

you should have Open Graph already functioning in your blog but for the purpose of proper understanding,

I will explain Facebook Open graph for you.

In the above image, I shared one of my blog posts to a group on facebook “Blogging” – If you noticed,

you would see that the link I shared transformed from an ordinary link into a whole post with the below details

  1. Thumbnail
  2. Title
  3. Snippet
  4. Blog URL
  5. Post Author.

How did that happen? It is called Facebook Open graph. It works similarly like Twitter cards and it is really easy to add to your blog.

Adding Open Graph To Blogger

If you are a Blogspot user, you can follow the below steps to add a proper Facebook open graph to your blog.

Upon adding it to your blog, all your shared links to FB will start showing large thumbnail, title, snippet, post author etc.

Go to >> Theme >> Edit HTML >> Using CTRL + F search for <head>.

immediately below the <head> tag, paste the above meta tags.


  1. Replace APP ID with the ID from the APP you created.
  2. FB USERNAME ID with the ID you got from FindMyFbId
  3. ADMIN URL with your profile URL
  4. Replace PAGEURL with your new page URL.

Is my blog now properly linked to FB?

Yes. but you need to work more. Earlier I told you that what matters to SEO is social presence

which means you need to go a bit further from just adding these tags to sharing your blog posts.

Add FB Share and Like Button to your blog

Next up is to add any Facebook like and share buttons to your blog.

Using the default buttons provided by Facebook is better

but it has a fallback of reducing your site loading speed which is also important for SEO.

Other options include using AddThis share buttons, WordPress users can also use AddThis, Sumo etc.

There are so many share buttons available for free usage.

How many times should I share my own posts?

Weird question! but worth asking.

A survey by me on a few of my blog posts made me realize that constantly sharing your newly published blog post increases

its index rate and ranking power.

You can use free social media sharing tools to schedule your blog posts.

But for the limit, try to share your blog post at 15 times to FB. The higher the better,

it will also drive you massive traffic.

What Else?

Activeness – You need to be active.

Whenever you are sharing quotes or commenting on status updates always do your blog a favor of adding a link to your blog.

I have grown into this and it has become more of a culture for me.

Doing this will increase your blog’s social presence and Google treats that with great importance.

Rounding Up

This is how important Facebook and SMO is to your blog.

It is a wise decision to act fast and improve your blog’s social presence so as to gain better ranking in search results.

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