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BloggingPrince CSS Compression Tool

CSS Minifier is a tool used to minify or reduce the size of your raw CSS codes. Doing this will make your CSS code look neat and also will increase your blog loading speed. Using Google Inspect tool, it would always recommend minifying your CSS files in other to improve pagespeed.

How It Works

When browsers are loading request from blog, they load every bit of it including the empty what spaces you leave will using CSS codes, now what this minifier does is to cut off all those empty white spaces by doing so you will be able to reduce the time spent on requesting CSS and also increase your blog loading speed.

Advantages CSS Minifier

There are numerous advantages of a CSS compressor and I have been using it on my blog codes for a year plus now and it is one of the reasons why my blog is fast loading.

  1. Speed Up your blogger blog
  2. Reduce the number of CSS request made
  3. Eliminate empty white spaces from your template
  4. Make your CSS professional and easy to code
  5. Saves you time – instead of doing it one by one.
There are many other advantages of this tool which am providing for free to all my blog readers. I have also created a page for it where you can always access it.

How to use CSS Minifier.

Step 1
Step 2
Copy your CSS codes and paste it in the box with “Paste your CSS here…”
Step 3
Choose from the options below. Let me make you understand.
  • Strip All Comments: This will delete comments in CSS ( such as /* Header section */ etc)
  • Super Compact: This will completely compress all the CSS codes.
  • Keep Identification: This makes it easy to code because it would leave each class or id style in each line.
  • Remove the last semicolon: The last semicolon in every CSS line is useless, so this option helps you get rid of it.
Step 4
After selection what options you want, Use
  • Compress CSS – To minify the CSS codes
  • Clear Field – To remove all codes from the box
  • Select All – To highlight all the codes in the box.
This is how easy it is to compress your CSS. Whenever you copy any CSS code from my tutorials or other blogs, always compress it. This will save your blog an increase in loading speed.
More tools will be provided for you in other to make blogging easy and fun for you. Please, i no longer respond to blog issues on FB. If you have any problem just leave it as a comment.

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