NameCheap Hosting Review: Plans, Pricing, Pros, Cons, Features – All you need to know

Firstly, In this post, you are going to read about NameCheap Hosting Review: Plans, Pricing, Pros, Cons, Features – All you need to know. We hope to cover everything you need to know about Namecheap WordPress Hosting.

namecheap hosting review

Starting a new WordPress blog or moving from blogger to WordPress, requires a web hosting service, for this, you need a quality hosting company.

But then finding the right hosting company is vital because ending up with a bad host can ruin your blogging career especially when much money was spent on a value not worthy. This is why I wrote this post on NameCheap Hosting Review.

Namecheap as a company

Namecheap is an independent ICANN-accredited domain registry company which offers also web hosting as a part of its services.

It was established in the year 2000 and has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. It claims to manage more than seven million domain names for its approximately three million customers.

NameCheap Hosting Review

Namecheap hosting is an affordable and reliable WordPress host and it is super cheap. With as little as $9.88 you can buy a web hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth. isn’t that cool?

Spending much money as a beginner on hosting, will definitely discourage you but with a host like Namecheap you have nothing to worry about because for the first year you get a $38.88 plan value for just $9.88 which is a real worth for your money.

Features Of NameCheap Hosting


namecheap hosting features
namecheap hosting features
  • 100% uptime SLA. – All Namecheap shared hosting plans, guarantee up to 99% uptime while with it’s advanced plans, you get 100% uptime.
    Total security as standard – Namecheap hosting is safe and secured to protect all your hosted files from being hacked.
  • WordPress and other apps simple installation. – With Namecheap, you have an option to quickly install WordPress, Joomla etc.
  • Upgradable plans – All Namecheap plans except the highest are upgradable. Ones a plan is getting tp small as your business grows, Namecheap will easily upgrade your plan for you.
  • Standard CPanel control – It’s hosting services, features a simple CPanel with all the services included SSL installation ready for use.
  • latest Dell server technology – Namecheap claims to host all its sites on the latest Dell server technology.
  • Functional support team – Their support team is really functional.

Pros Of Namecheap Hosting

1. Cheap & Affordable

Namecheap Web Hosting plans are super cheap. With just $9.88 (for the first year) you can get a WordPress hosting and start your blog right away.

Unlike some other web hosts which are very expensive, Namecheap keeps things cheap and affordable so new bloggers (beginners) can easily start blogging without spending much.

In addition, You can go ahead and check out Namecheap hosting plans and pricing below.

2. Easy WordPress Installation

In less than 5mins, users can easily install WordPress software on your database using Softaculus and start building your blog. It’s called click and it installs.

Also, there is no need to upload WordPress files, Namecheap easy WordPress installation will get all the job done and well.

3. Free Automatic Backups

I like this option as your site remains safe even when you get into some serious issues. Namecheap provides an option to automatically backup your website with no extra charges.

Likely, that some other hosting companies will charge you for automatic backups, but then Namecheap provides it free.

4. Unlimited BandWidth

Whichever plan you purchase, Namecheap hosting offers you unlimited bandwidth which you can serve a huge traffic and your site won’t get a 503 response.

But then, Namecheap reserves rules concerning bandwidth and usage which you should consider before purchasing a hosting plan.

5. Good Customer Support

Also, Namecheap has a very good customer support. Their support agents are really friendly and helpful. While working with them, I enjoyed their quick response, and most importantly, solutions to my problems.

6. Simple to use CPanel

In addition, Namecheap provides one of the simplest CPanel control for its users. It is super easy to understand, you get to see live stats of how your blog is doing in terms of storage and CPU usages.

Also, Cpanel makes installation of APPs really easy, plus you can upload files to your site through the CPanel.

7. PositiveSSL for just $1.99 for the first year.

Though not completely FREE, obtaining an SSL certificate for $1.99 for the first year is an offer worth considering which is what Namecheap offers.

You might get it free at some other web hosts but Namecheap cutting off such an amount is way better than those that don’t offer SSL at all.

Cons Of Namecheap Hosting

1. Slow server response rate

Not the slowest though! but Namecheap appears not to have a good lead in terms of Server response rate.

The server response rate is important for your blog’s page speed because if your server takes too long to load, your page won’t be displayed on time.

2. No Freebies

Namecheap doesn’t offer any freebies such as Advertisement credit, free domain, free SSL etc. Which is not really cool.

But, With web hosts such as Bluehost, all you need to do is purchase a hosting plan and a free SSL certificate is issued, free domain for the first year, Bing advertisement credit etc.

But then Namecheap pricing is way cheaper.

Namecheap Shared Plans and Pricing


namecheap pricing
namecheap pricing

1. Namecheap Value – $9.88/year

Value is Namecheap’s cheapest hosting plan offered at $9.88/year for the first year and renews at $38.88/year.

Features of Value

  1. 20GB SSD-Accelerated disk space
  2. Unmetered bandwidth
  3. Manage up to 3 websites
  4. Costs $9.88/year for the first year and $38.88/year for renewal.

Namecheap value is ideal for beginners with a little blog or just starting up. Running a professional blog on the Value plan might create space and bandwidth problems in times of traffic hike.

2. Namecheap Professional Plan – $19.88/year

The professional hosting plan is the most popular of all Namecheap’s shared hosting packages. Likely because of the quality features it offers at an affordable rate.

You pay only $19.88/year for the first year and $78.88/year for renewals.

Features of Professional

  1. 50GB SSD-Accelerated disk space
  2. Unmetered bandwidth
  3. Mange up to 10 websites
  4. Costs $19.88/year for the first year and $78.88/year for renewal

If you have a blog with high traffic or do gain sudden hike in traffic, then Namecheap professional plan is recommended for you.

3. Namecheap Ultimate – $29.88/year

Ultimate package is that hosting plan that offers unmetered SSD-Accelerated disk space and unmetered bandwidth all for $29.88/year for the first year and renewal at $129.88/year.

Features Of Ultimate

  1. Unmetered SSD-Accelerated disk space
  2. Unmetered bandwidth
  3. Manage up to 50 websites
  4. Cost $29.88/year for the first year and $129.88/year for renewal.

Ultimate is a mind-blowing hosting plan which is ideal for big websites in need of high storage and traffic bandwidth. $129.88/year is reasonable for such a plan.

4. Business SSD – $19.88/month

Namecheap offers a special hosting package for businesses such as E-commerce sites.

What’s so special is users on this plan are allocated a shared server with fewer users per server, that makes it super fast, plus 100% uptime guarantee all for $19.88/month.


  1. 20GD pure SSD disk space
  2. 5000 GD bandwidth
  3. Unmetered websites
  4. 100% uptime guarantee
  5. Fast server response rate
  6. PCI Compliance
  7. Fewer users per server

Namecheap Business is a special offer for websites with special needs such as e-commerce, it’s pricing is affordable.


Namecheap Managed Plans and Pricing

5. EasyWP

With EasyWP Namecheap actually saw a need for simplicity and an easy to use set up for WordPress launching. EasyWP is a managed hosting which makes it better than others mentioned this is also on a personal preference


  1. Quick WordPress setup
  2. Already installed WordPress website
  3. 5GB of SSD Storage
  4. Easy Automatic backups
  5. 24/7/365 Special Support
  6. Costs $8.88 for the first year with Renewal price $48.88/year

EasyWP managed hosting is an ideal hosting plan for complete beginners who just want everything already set up. And also it stands to be more reliable with it’s managed Hosting server.

Expert Opinion Of Namecheap

One reason people don’t use WordPress is that it appears expensive especially to purchase a hosting plan but then Namecheap covers for all this.

For your first year, you get up to 74.5% discount which is enough to get started until you are able to start making money through blog monetization.

Setting up WordPress on Namecheap is also very easy. It’s just a one-click install and you are good to go. Some web hosts require you to manually install WordPress which can be hectic for beginners.

Also, Creating automatic backups for your website for free is a pass mark for Namecheap.

Difference Between the US and UK Datacenter

If you going to buy a Namecheap host today, then it’s good I briefly explain these two teams because you will come in contact with them.

US Datacenter

Select this option for your major targetted traffic (audience) is closer to the US. This will make Namecheap host your blog on their server in the US.

So if visits are coming to your blog from the US or countries close to it, your site loads faster.

UK Datacenter

Choose this option if your targetted audience is closer to the UK. When you do so Namecheap will host your site on their server located in the UK.

Which should make your site load faster for visitors coming from the UK or countries close to it.

How To Purchase Namecheap Hosting

Purchasing a Namecheap host is pretty easy all you need is a Mastercard that accepts online payments. If you already do, follow the simple steps below.

Click here to purchase Namecheap’s hosting with 74.5% Off

Choose a plan

Choose the right plan for you, Decide between the US and UK data center >> Add to cart.

Select a domain

On the next page, Select a domain. Namecheap offers a free .website domain, you can also buy a domain right away, or use a domain you already own.

Create Namecheap account

If you are not logged in, Namecheap will ask you to or create an account if you don’t have one.

Verify selected domain name

On the next setup, Namecheap will ask you to input your domain name (this is for those that own a domain with another register). >> Add your domain, Click Continue at the left sidebar.

Confirm Order

Have a second look at what you have ordered for and also an opportunity to get Namecheap PositiveSSL for just $1.99 for the first year.

If satisfied, You can go ahead and click confirm the order, or use a promo code before confirming other.

Promo Code (Namecheap hosting coupon)

Namecheap at certain times offers a promo code to make hosting much cheaper. If you are lucky to have one, here is the perfect place to add that Namecheap hosting coupon code for your discount.

A promo box is shown on the right sidebar, Input the code and hit Apply. And confirm the order.

Pay with Credit Card

Here you can pay with a MasterCard that accepts online payment. It doesn’t work for verve cards. If you have verve card, you can make use of the PayPal option.

So, Fill the details carefully and you are good to go.

Pay with Paypal

Also, Namecheap accepts payment from PayPal. If you have sufficient fund in your PayPal account or you wish to use a card that is not a master card, you can use the option for PayPal.

Therefore, Just tick the PayPal box and click continue. You will be redirected to PayPal payment gateway.

Account Funds

Furthermore, you can pay for your hosting using existing funds in your Namecheap account.

In conclusion, Those are the three payment gateways provided by Namecheap. Hope you found one of them useful.

How to Access Namecheap CPanel (Namecheap hosting login)

After a successful purchase, next step is to access your CPanel. In the CPanel, you can easily install WordPress, Magento etc using the one-click installer.

In the Cpanel, you can also upload your files and aside from that manage your storage and CPU usage. To find the Namecheap login to Cpanel details for the first time is very easy.

Firstly, Visit your mailbox (email used in creating/purchasing Namecheap hosting). Secondly, You should see a mail from Namecheap, Open it and all your details including your CPanel details will be displayed.

Lastly, Scroll down till you find CPanel Details.

cPanel URL is the link to your Cpanel.
While cPanel Password: Password to access your Cpanel.
Finally, cPanel Username: username for your Cpanel.

NameCheap hosting WordPress setup

You can easily install WordPress and start blogging using NameCheap quick installer. You need an indebt guide for this, but if you just want to know see how it’s done, continue.

Hopefully, you are already on your CPanel account. If yes, scroll down till you get to SOFTACULUS APPS INSTALLER. below it, you will see WordPress, Joomla etc.

Select WordPress, and on the next page. Click Install.

The next page will display some basic but important settings which we can not cover in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shared Hosting Meaning?

what is shared hosting? Shared Hosting, is a form of web hosting that features the grouping of various websites into a single server. This is done so as to reduce the price you pay for a full server.

That is, Instead of one site, up to 10 and above sites will be hosting on a single server. It has some fallbacks though which includes slow speed and sometimes your site and another could have the same IP address.

Best Shared Hosting?

The best shared hosting services offered by Namecheap based on pricing, features, and number of users is Namecheap Professional plan starting at $19.88/year

Shared hosting vs dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is better than Shared hosting in terms of server, security, load speed but when it comes to pricing, Shared hosting is very cheap. That’s why it’s called cheap shared hosting.

Best web hosting for WordPress?

Is Namecheap the best web hosting for WordPress? – Basically, you can not call a web host the best, you can only find whats right for you.

But then, Considering prices and mind-blowing features Namecheap stands as one of the best web hosting for WordPress

Best web hosting for small business?

Namecheap as I earlier mentioned is one of the best web hosting for beginners which could also stand for small business. If you don’t have much money in the budget as a business owner for website hosting services,

Then, Namecheap stands as one of the only options for a good quality at cheap price.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Namecheap has really done a great job in making these plans affordable for bloggers. Each plan is worth its price and if you ever want to upgrade, you only need to contact Namecheap’s customer support.

Though Namecheap promises unmetered bandwidth, it does have some rules guiding the usage. You might want to see it here.

In summary, Namecheap is one of the best hosting companies for bloggers, because with little capital you can easily create an online presence and start turning your thoughts into reality.

Though a blogger with a huge audience might have other things to consider in terms of hosting but for someone just starting out, Namecheap WordPress hosting is simply OK.

Finally, We hope that this article on NameCheap Hosting Review: Plans, Pricing, Pros, Cons, Features – All you need to know, have offered you enough information you need. You can quickly check out our youtube channel and don’t forget to join our email list.

Furthermore, We will respond to comments related to NameCheap Hosting Review, but other questions not related to NameCheap Hosting Review should be directed to Ask Prince.

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