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Making money as a blogger requires the strategic placing of relevant Ads. Being approved to show ads is the first step to making money and learning how to show the ads in the proper spot is the climax of making money.

Many bloggers receive little traffic and they make huge money but others don’t make money at all even when they have high traffic. Media.Net just like AdSense ads requires proper placement of ads on the blog.

If you can’t do that, then you can forget about making money from ShoutMeLoud made $400 from in June and only $100 with AdSense. This should let you know many bloggers make more money with Bing Ads.

How To Properly Show Media.Net in Blogger.

I am going to show the most paying spots to show ads and also the Ads that fit well into those spots. These spots and ads placement is not just a wake-up and write, even Media.Net recommend them.

1. Below Header.

Below the header is a hot spot for ads to be placed. This is because anybody that loads a website must first come across the header and if you place a ads widget just below the header, then you would get paid for impressions.

The number of impressions acquired when Ads are placed below the header, is exactly the number of page views. Which means if you received 30k views in a month, then ads impression should also amount to 30k.

How to show Ads Below blogger header

  1. Copy your Ads code from and parse it here
  2. Go to >> Themes >> Edit HTML.
  3. Using CTRL + F search for </header>.
  4. Paste the Parsed code just below </header>. and save.
Note: If you are using PlainSEO blogger template, I have already included this space in your layout.

2. At the Sidebar.

The second spot for proper ads placement is the first space at the sidebar. Using the sidebar most times is not to get impressions rather to get valid clicks. Users are more prone to click on items on the sidebar and including your Bing Ads code, there is you calling for clicks.

A recommended banner size for the sidebar is 300×250 but often times people do use 300×600 and 320×280. The reason why I voted for 300×250 is that other sizes will totally cover up the sidebar and that may even make some persons not to click.

How to show ads in blogger sidebar

  1. Copy your ads code from (no need to parse)
  2. Go to >> Layout.
  3. Locate the sidebar >> Add Widget >> HTML/JavaScript.
  4. Paste the Ads code and save.

3. Below Post Title

Post titles attract readers. Anyone who is about to read your article must first read your post title and by doing so, the post title area becomes a  hot spot for better earnings. Placing an advert just below the post title doesn’t look spamming and neither does it mean you are cluttering your blog.

If you decide to show just 3 ads spots then below the post title should be the third spot. In mobile phones, it also brings in more clicks and impressions.
Try to make very good use of this spot. Nearly any ad size can fit into this spot. But don’t go for the big banners. A 720×90, 300×250 etc will perform well at that spot.

How to add ads code below post title

  1. Go to copy your ads code and parse it.
  2. Go to >> Theme >> Edit HTML >> Search for <div class=’post-header’>
  3. Just below it, paste the parsed ads code.
  4. Save your template.

4. Below Post Body

Media.Net requires you to add only 3 ads units in your blog so if you are implementing this one too, you are violating ads policy. 
One of the advantages of this spot is that it’s for those that care about you and also love your articles. Visitors at some point click on ads just because they liked the article you wrote and placing a  relevant ad spot at the footer of your post can bring you valid clicks.
It doesn’t always bring many impressions because it is not everybody that reads the article to the ending. Many just check the heading and leave.

How to place ads in the post footer

  1. Go to copy your ads code and parse it.
  2. Go to >> Theme >> Edit HTML >> Search for <div class=’post-footer’>
  3. Just below it, paste the parsed ads code.
  4. Save your template.

5. After First Post On Homepage

We can’t forget that the homepage brings in more traffic than every other page and also we can’t ignore that at this point, we only have 2 ads units showing on the homepage. So to make the third one, we might as well show an ad after the first post.

I have seen a lot of bloggers doing this including helplogger who have been doing it for years. It seems like it pays a lot. I have already written a post on how to get this done so I won’t write it again.

Learn it here: Add Adsense Ads Before, Between And After Posts In Blogger Blog

Other High Paying Ads Spot

  1. At the footer – good for clicks.
  2. Inside the Post – good for clicks but I think it appears spamming.
  3. Below comments – most persons don’t even get to see it.
  4. The side of the header – very good spot but I think your header need to stand out.

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When placing ads on your blog, don’t only consider making money rather consider your readers and don’t clutter your blog with so many ads. Your readers will not feel safe when seeing a lot of ad spot.

This would affect your daily views due to drop in returning visitors. I have seen big blogs showing just at most 3 ad units on their blog and they are making from it.

It is not about quantity of ads rather it’s about the quality. Place your ads in the above-recommended spots and you will see your income growing. 

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