Prince John Okosun Staff asked 3 months ago

Am glad to post the first question of this “Questions & Answers” forum. This message is to welcome you all to this forum.
Ask Prince was created as a way of helping bloggers find the solution to all their problems and mind bugging questions.
During my time as a new, I faced a challenge which was finding answers to a lot of questions I had in mind and now that I know a few things about blogging, I feel like I can render help to such bloggers.
So feel free to ask any question and I and any other person who has an answer will respond immediately.
Both users and none users can ask a question.
Have a nice day!.

Okosun John replied 3 months ago

Thank you Prince for creating this platform.

#this is a comment by a non-user.

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eugene answered 3 months ago

Prince is this a WordPress forum theme? if you can help me with ogbongeblog planet  forum theme.

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