Quick & Easy Solution To Disqus Comments Not Showing In Blogger Mobile View

is your Disqus comment box not showing on your phone? but working well on your laptop. And I know you are probably feeling as if you did something wrong when installing Disqus on your blogger blog. Well, you have not done anything wrong. Disqus doesn’t show on blogger default mobile template unless you make it.

In other, for Disqus to show in your mobile template, you would have to implement the same processes used in showing widgets in blogger mobile custom template. Bloggers using responsive designs such as PlainSEO free blogger template, you have no need for all this because Disqus should work across all devices.

why your Disqus isn’t showing

Before I will show you how to make Disqus show in blogger mobile view, let me give you a little eye openner of why it did not show in the first place. Default Blogger mobile templates are not built to show widgets apart from the basic 5 widgets pre-built into it.

  1. AdSense
  2. About Author
  3. Comment Box
  4. Page navigation
  5. Header

Now when you add a new widget to your blog layout, it doesn’t show on your mobile template except you specify it to show. This is why your Disqus comments box is not showing. You have not enabled it for mobile devices and as long as you fail to do that, Disqus comments scripts will not load and it won’t show.

how to show Disqus in blogger mobile view.

In other to activate Disqus for mobile templates, you will have to do a little coding which is not much sha. You only need to specify in your Blogger HTML editor that Disqus comments should be loaded.

This issue was brought to my attention by a blog reader on Facebook and I decided to write about it instantly so as to quickly solve the problem for him. This little trick will work for you. If you are using blogger custom template on mobile then you can also learn how to show only post title in mobile template this can help make your blog look better.

Step 1
Every time you want to work on your theme, always backup your blogger template

Step 2
Go to Theme >> Edit HTML >> Using CTRL + F Search for title=’Disqus for  you should find it in full e.g title=’Disqus for bloggingprince’

Step 3
Immediately after a line similar to this – title=’Disqus for bloggingprince’, give a space and add the below statement.


Step 4.
Doing that will make Disqus work properly on mobile and desktop devices. Other settings to could do are “mobile=’only’, mobile=’no’ these are self-explanatory.

  • Mobile only = to show Disqus only in mobile devices
  • Mobile no = to enable Disqus only in desktop devices-

Step 5.
Save your blogger template and view your blog on a mobile phone, you should see Disqus comments showing.

Disqus is a powerful commenting system with a lot of features and this is why I wrote on why I left Blogger comments and moved to Disqus. You can check that post out to learn more about Disqus. Disqus for blogger blogs functions well and can generally increase conversation while stopping spamming comments.

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Now you have learned how to show Disqus comments in blogger mobile template and you also know what to do when a friend tells you my Disqus is not showing on mobile view. Your mobile visitors can now enjoy commenting on your blog using Disqus.

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