How To Receive Donations On WordPress With Paystack Payment Form

Today, I am going to show you how to use the paystack WordPress form payment plugin to receive donations and recurring payments on your WordPress blog/website

How To Receive Donations On WordPress With Paystack Payments Forms

Paystack is a Nigerian based online gateway that lets you receive money from customers for services and products offered.

Your earnings are converted to naira whether it’s a local or international transaction.

Paystack does not charge you any money for initial setup I.e you can create a paystack account and start receiving money online without having to pay for any setup fee.

But do note that Paystack charges 100naira + 1.9 or 3.9% for local or international transactions respectively. This only happens for transactions more than 2500naira.

In other to understand how paystack and it’s account opening process, you need to read my previous post where I reviewed paystack and gave a step by step account creation explanation

Paystack being an online gateway for Nigerians, have created a WordPress plugin called “Payment forms for Paystack” that lets you receive donations online, accept recurring payments etc.

These donations or payments will be added directly to your paystack account as if a user paid for a service.

Let’s get started

How paystack donations work

For the purpose of NGOs, Churches, and small business owners who might seek from their users’ Financial support online,

Paystack has created a plugin called “Payment forms for Paystack” which enables webmasters to set up a form where a fixed amount can be donated or users can choose how much they wish to donate.

This plugin goes a long way with other WordPress plugins by paystack to help facilitate the receiver of currency online.

For churches, the Payment forms for Paystack can be used to

  • Collect offerings and tithes
  • Ask for contributions whether fixed or variable. etc

Let’s get more insights…

Method #1 – Payment forms for Paystack WordPress Plugin

Just as the name implies, Payment forms for Paystack is a simple plugin connected to Paystack’s API. The plugin works for the purpose of receiving money online

i.e to create forms with multiple input fields and have your users pay before submission…

…And using Paystack’s business API you can receive donations right on your blog using the Payment forms for Paystack.

The plugin is offered free at the WordPress directory and currently have 2000+ number of active download.

Its setup process is fast, easy and reliable.

I will work you through that there is to know about setting it up.

For the purpose of clarification, In this post I will only teach how to use the Payment forms for Paystack to receive donations, will publish another tutorial,

where I will concentrate on using the Payment forms for Paystack to receive reoccurring payments.

How to use Payment forms for Paystack to receive donations.

In the next steps, I am going to show you how to setup Paystack payment form to receive donations.

Step #1 – Download Payment forms for Paystack

First thing is to download the plugin

You can download it right from WordPress directory using this link or also search for it on your dashboard using this keyword “Payment forms for Paystack”

download payment forms for paystack

After downloading, activate the plugin and let’s get into setting it up.

Step #2 – Paystack Forms API keys settings

Upon activation, Next step is to setup API keys. This acts as a connection between Paystack and your payment form.

Note: We are going to be making use of “Live API keys” and this is only available to users whose business account have been activated.

If you have followed my previous tutorial on getting started with paystack, you should receive an email from paystack confirming your site activation.


In your WordPress, dashboard, locate “Paystack forms” >> API Keys Settings.

download payment forms for paystack

Use this link to visit the Paystack API dashboard. Upon visitation, you will see the two keys needed as shown below

paystack api configuration

Copy “Live Secret Key” and paste it the same find on WordPress, do the same for “Live Public Key”.

and turn test mode to Live mode. Save changes.

Step #3 – Setting Webhook

The other settings you would want to do is set the “Live Callback URL” and “Live Webhook URL”.

Let me explain each.

Live Callback URL – This is the URL users will be redirected to after making a successful donation.

You can either input a thank you page URL or your homepage URL.

Step #4 – Creating a PayStack Form

Now are set to create our first paystack form. You can create as many forms as you choose.

To create a form Go to Paystack Forms >> Add new.

  1. Give your form a Name. Here am using Donate to Blogging Prince
  2. By default, PayStack display Name & Email field, you can add more fields if you wish.
  3. When you scroll down, you will find more settings. Fill them as you wish.
  4. At the side, you will see “Quantity Payment” – Use this if you wish to set a fixed amount to be paid.
  5. You will also come across “Recurring Payment” – Use it if you want your users to pay for subscriptions.

Publish after setting to desired values.

payment form for paystack shortcode

After publishing, a shortcode will appear just about “Help Section”. Copy this code and place it anywhere you wish to display it.

It could be at the sidebar, on a page or in a post.

That’s all.

Method #2 – Using PayStack Payment Pages

Apart from using Payment form for paystack plugin, you can also make use of paystack payment pages instead right on Paystack dashboard.

This takes lesser time and works for all platforms whether blogspot or WordPress.

How it works

Paystack has a feature that lets it’s users create plans. These plans are used to receive money online such as donations.

How it works is, when you create a new plan, Paystack creates a landing page for you, whenever a user visits this page, such user will be asked to pay for a fixed amount or a variable amount.

download payment forms for paystack

Think this is better?

Let’s get right into it

How to Create a Payment Page in Paystack

paystack payment page

  • On the pop-up select One-time payment.

paystack payment page settings

  • Fill the details and click “Show advanced options”

create paystack payment page

  • Copy link or visit page. (this is the link you will use to access it every time)

payment page success

Here is the link to my Donate page… If you love what you see, donating will be of grad importance.

How easy was that?.

Paystack as a payment platform is really powerful and I must confess I am loving the platform.

In another post, I will talk about how to connect Paystack to Woocommerce and also to use paystack in BlogSpot blogs.

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