How To Use Social Warfare Plugin (Share Buttons) On WordPress

Social Warfare is a WordPress share plugin that provides you with easy post sharing.

It adds sleek share buttons to posts, pages, products and any custom page you want.

Some of the reasons you need share buttons as a blogger includes…

…and this Social Warfare share plugin does well – it also has a good reputation

as one of the most downloaded share button plugin in the WordPress directory.

aside from that, it beats the majority of its alternative’s functionalities and customizations.

The plugin provides more functionality such as

  • retrieving share counts
  • animations on transitions etc.

so there is no need for stress in coding share buttons since a plugin can do the job.

This plugin also makes it easy to display share buttons on

  • post pages
  • Product pages
  • Static pages
  • Any custom post/page type.

and it gives customizable options to display share buttons…


Social warfare sharing plugin comes in handy with 4 basic placements

  • Above the post content
  • Below the post content
  • Both above and below the post content
  • Manual placement using a shortcode.

The last option which is through shortcode,

adds more flexibility to your customization.

You can display share buttons right inside any post using the shortcode below.

if you are a developer you can print it out inside a theme file using



Social warfare features are amazing, should improve the social presence of your blog

  1. Floating share buttons
  2. Horizontal share buttons
  3. Click to tweet
  4. Share count
  5. Popular post based on social shares
  6. Share Recovery.

1. Floating share buttons

Social warfare makes it easier to add floating share buttons to your blog.

you can decide either to show it on the right or at the left.

social warfare floating share button

On mobile, the floating share bar minimizes and changes position to either the top or bottom

depending on your settings.

2. Horizontal share buttons

Social warfare share buttons also come in with horizontal share buttons

which can be displayed at the bottom or the top or even both at the same time.

social warfare horizontal buttons

If you make use of the shortcode,

it will also print out horizontal share buttons at your desired location.

3. Click to tweet

Using click to tweets can in a big way increase your twitter tweets.

Social warfare makes this as easy as it can be.

social warfare click to tweet

The plugin comes in which a built-in click to tweet feature that is

displayed among your post editing tools in the post editor.

This is an example of click to tweet. Tweet this post to see how it worksClick To Tweet

See how to add click to tweet to your post

4. Share counts

Share counts act as a social proof of your post

and it motivates readers to share your content with their audience on social media.

Social warfare plugin comes in with a sleek display of share count either

  1. individually
  2. after the share buttons
  3. before the share buttons
  4. or both.

Without a plugin to do this, it would have been hard to display share counts.

On the free plugin, twitter share counts are not displayed

you only get twitter share count on the premium plugin (which is cheap though).

5. Popular post based on the social shares

cool widget! – Social warfare has a widget to help you display a list of popular posts

not based on view count

but this time, share count.

6. Social Share recovery

Social warfare doesn’t display shares from when it gets activated.

it displays the share counts of any post from the day it was published.

In case you thought your previous post shares will be gone,

social warfare won’t do that, it uses a built-in plugin called “Share Recovery”

to recover all lost post shares.

Available Social Buttons

The free version of social warfare, allows you display 6 social media buttons

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. StumbleUpon
  5. Google+
  6. LinkedIn

But if you get the premium plugin for $29, you get to display extra 9 social buttons

  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Yummly
  • WhatsApp
  • Pocket
  • Buffer
  • Hacker News
  • Flipboard
  • Email

How to set Social Warfare on your WordPress blog

1. Download the plugin

You can download the free social warfare plugin inside your dashboard.

Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> Search for “social warfare”

download social warfare plugin

… download and activate it.

But note: The free version limits you to only 6 share buttons

(Facebook, twitter, google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon), and

don’t also display Twitter share count.

To display Twitter share counts and more buttons including WhatsApp, email etc,

get the premium plugin here for $29.

2. Set up the plugin

The plugin should already start displaying.

To set up social warfare, scroll down to the bottom of your menu items. It’s the last item on my dashboard.

The first section is Display.

Under “Social Networks”

Drag and Drop all the share buttons you wish to display from the inactive bar to active bar. image below.

social warfare settings

Under the “Share Counts”
Switch “button counts” and “total count” from Off to ON.

Button counts are for individual button counts

while the total count is for all counts calculated together.

Under “Position Share Buttons”
You can enable buttons for posts, pages, products etc.

Could be placed at the bottom, top or both and

also, you can activate floating share buttons for each of these pages.

Second Section Styles
Under the “Total Count”

“Decimal places” and “Decimal Period” are both basically left as default,

but can always choose what you like.

For “Alignment” Choose any of the options, if you would like to show buttons before the count or after.

Under “Floating Share Buttons”

You can activate the share buttons, decide where it will be shown (side/top/bottom),

Transition adds appearing and disappearing effects before the share buttons

practically slide/fade in or out when scrolling.

“Minimum Screen Width” separates your desktop view from your mobile view.

If the width of your content is 1000px, then the Minimum Screen Width should be about 1000px.

Third section Social Identity.
Social warfare adds more customization such as displaying

To do this, add your social profiles to this section.

meanwhile, you can follow me on twitter @blogging_prince

That is basically all you need to set up social warfare share buttons on your WordPress blog.

On the advanced tab, you get to determine settings in case you are using caching plugin etc.

I just added Social Warfare WordPress plugin. See how to do sameClick To Tweet

Social Warfare is a really powerful plugin to use if you on WordPress, and with its features such as easy drag and drop, share counts, click to tweet, popular posts…

… it’s definitely one of my favorite share button plugins.

If you are going to be using this plugin, I recommend using the premium which cost $29.

You can buy it here.

This is where we end today’s tutorial on “How To Use Social Warfare Plugin On WordPress” I hope it was helpful.

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