How to Target Local Audience on Search Engines For Increased traffic

If you run a local business, then you will also need local customers. Best way to get this done is to Target Local Audience (e.g Nigeria, India etc) in the search engines.

Assuming you run a celebrity blog that talks about the Nigerian industry,

The persons with most interest are likely to be Nigerians.

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It is, therefore, better to target local audience instead of targeting a wide range of users which might not even be interested.

One good thing about targeting a specific audience is that

You get increased traffic as a result of increased ranking.

Google would rather display a local business to a searcher instead of global Business.

Why? Because these local businesses are closer to searchers.

With increased traffic, if you have products on sale, Then selling becomes a breeze.

Now let’s check out how to target Nigeria audience in search engines.

1. Buy a country specific domain ( .ng, )

In my early days of blogging, I noticed a huge rank boost when I purchased my first custom domain name.

It was a country specific domain name (

This boost wasn’t because I got a domain name rather it was because

my domain pointed to a specific country which was Nigeria.

For Google users searching for information with Nigeria as their location,

my blog was more preferred over others with .com

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So, Does that mean is more powerful than .com?


But when it comes to country targeting, is most preferred.

2. Indicate preferred country with meta tags

Using meta tags you can easily tell search engine bots the country you are targeting.

Meta tags are HTML codes placed at the head section of a theme

To help a search engine decide what a page is about.

With meta tags, you can set up page description, no-index pages etc.

It practically let you talk with search bots from Google, Bing, Yandex etc.

Let’s see how to get it done;

To target Nigeria as your preferred country, visit your blog.

If you are on blogger,

Go to theme >> Edit HTML >> search for <head>

above it, paste the below code.

That code tells search engines that Nigeria is the preferred country for Traffic.

You can do same for US, India, Ghana etc

change the country name and country short name.

3. Search Engine Console

If you have never heard of search engine consoles before.

They are platforms, Created by search engines to enable you to inform them on what you want

And also help optimize your site.

I already have a post that will show you how to SEO optimize your blog using search console.

In that post, I used search console data to improve my SEO strategy

but did not set preferred Country.

How to target local audience in Google Search Console

To set your preferred country in google search console,

follow the steps below.

google international targeting

  • Locate “Search Traffic” >> “International Targeting” >> “Country”.
  • Tick the box behind “Target users in” >> Choose your desired Country.
  • And Save.

If you notice, by default, Google targets users from the United States.

Next step, is to set the same thing in Bing Webmaster.

How to set a preferred country in bing webmasters

Bing is the second biggest search engine and many local visitors

might just be there waiting for you.

So let’s also target a local audience in our bing webmaster.

bing geo targetting

  • In the drop-down box, choose “Domain” >> Select your preferred country.
  • And Submit.

The good thing about Bing is that

you can target a specific country with a page, directory or even a subdomain alone.

Which is more flexibility for you!

So if you have a blog with various subdomains, you could target one for a different country.

4. Include Nigeria in keyword and post title

Lastly, you should include Nigeria in important areas of your blog

Such as the keywords and in post title.

A post with “how to start a blog in Nigeria”

Will perform better in Nigeria search than a post with

“how to start a blog”

Since the first one is Nigeria specific,

Google is most likely to display for a Nigerian audience.

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This is how easy it is to target Local Audience in search engines. In that way, you can easily boost your local business or blog.

Hope this article was helpful?

Feel free to ask a question below.

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