Test Your Blog Mobile Friendliness, Speed Using Google Text My Site

Text My Site is a free tool provided by Google that lets you run a quick test of your blog’s performance in terms of Mobile Friendliness, Mobile Speed and also desktop speed. As we know these three factors are important SEO ranking factors for blogs.

Test Your Blog Mobile Friendliness, Speed Using Google Text My Site

To test your website, visit https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com insert your blog URL into the box and get ready for your results. And you should not forget to fix an issue found using these great tips I have already published on my blog.

Why Speed is important for your blog

Fast blogs perform better than slow blogs. Users are mostly slight to abandon your blog if it is slow loading and also Google will reduce your ranking power.

Many bloggers have started optimizing their websites for speed and you should also do that.  I have written a lot of articles on speeding up your blogger blog.

Follow the guides below to enjoy a super fast blogger template. Remember fast blogs are better for SEO and reducing bounce rate.

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Optimize Results From Test

If after testing your blog, you find any of these errors, simply follow the below links and posts on my blog to optimize your blog for high speed.

Rendering Blocking JavaScript

When you use Jquery, FlexSlider and other plugins that come as JavaScript you are likely to be faced with rendering blocking JS. This can be fixed easily using Asynchronous tags.

Learn more: 3 Surefire Ways To Eliminate Rendering Blocking JavaScript In Blogger Blog

Optimize Images

Images could also drastically reduce the loading of your blog. Since these images are cropped and resized consequently, they will bring a drop in blog speed. Read below posts to optimize your images

LazyLoad Embedded Videos

Adding videos to your blog pages is but fun and speed killing but this only when you fail to lazy load it. In other to overcome slow loading YouTube videos, follow the below post to lazyload YouTube videos.

Rendering Blocking CSS

CSS files can affect your blog loading speed when loaded externally. If you use CSS files from external sources, read the below post to optimize the loading of these files.

FontAwesome Icons

These icons generally are fast loading but can also act as rendering blocking CSS. in other to optimize it’s load time, read below post.

Google Fonts

Google has a large collection of blog font and we are also so happy to use them on our blog. Well, just so you know, external fonts can affect your blog loading time. Proper optimization is required.

Rounding Up

Using Google Text My Site will give you a good insight of your blog and also you will get to know what you are doing wrong. These different posts should help you solve any speed issues.

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